Can't tell if plant is male or female

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  1. This is my first time growing. I know very little about growing, other than what I've read on various sites. I decided to grow justbforbthe expirience and to see if I can actually get something out of this with the very little knowledge I do have on growing. I've been growing this for about 4 months now. A good 3 months of that time was spent using natural light with uneven light cycles since I was using my sky light to provide it with sunlight. It's grown pretty tall. A little over 4 feet. Right now it's in my closet under artificial light. It seems to be sprouting more leaf since I put it in my closet a little over 3 weeks ago with even day/night cycles. There's also new growth that I can't seem to identify in the pictures posted. Any help determining the sex of the plant and what this new growth is (the white budding between the stems) would be much appreciated. I can provide more pictures of the plant if requested. 20170702_175305.jpg 20170702_175040.jpg 20170702_175321.jpg 20170702_180808.jpg
  2. Male

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  3. I feel like i see balls but idk. Your pictures suck.
  4. 20170702_185748.jpg Probably not any better. Best I could do with my shitty phone camera
  5. Chop him down.. at least u can make some hash or something
  6. Damn, what a bummer. I'll keep growing him to maturity then. See what kinda hash I can get out of him like you suggested. Thanks for the info my dude
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  7. Fucking male. Sorry

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