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Cant Tell If My Dad Doesnt Like Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mystic224, Jun 19, 2013.

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            So this might end up being long and I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong section first time posting! Any who so a little background info. I live with my dad and his boyfriend and have been for about 5 years and I just turned 21. I have overall been a good girl I mean I never EVER get in trouble HELL I don't even drink. Any who so I started smoking about 8 months ago and it went from casual to everyday fun and the smell eventually caught up to me and my dad knew. 
                               So the first time he caught me he freaked via text messages telling me I would never be able to get a job (which was funny because I got a full time job at a drs office) He never preached that I need to stop or where anything is so he can get rid of it etc. he basically warned me if his boyfriend finds out i wont be able to live there anymore. He has caught me coming in high or smoking in my car in front of the house a handful of times and he just repeats for me to not get caught by his boyfriend and that I wont be able to get a job that's it. Its weird my father doesn't I repeat WILL NOT talk to me in person about it, he just texts me whenever he catches me. He also never says weed is bad. Also yesterday I bought some weed and it smelled SO bad haha and I kinda didn't hide it well enough and my room apparently smelled like weed so my dad texts me saying your room smells if he smells it I cant defend you but I opened the window. I'm a bit confused on my dads view on weed (he smokes cigs all the time but thats it and he doesn't even drink) He is also leaving for a 2 weeks with his boyfriend and we had a lot of break ins at my house so hes allowing my boyfriend to stay with me in case something happened like last year and he pulls me and my boyfriend aside and gave me some rules etc and he was like I don't want you smoking in the house but said if i do it outside it isnt his concern. 
                         Basically I can't tell hes being very mellow about it (he isn't the type to be mellow with shit) because he knows I am being safe or I am getting away with it because I'm daddy's little girl?  I can't tell for the life of me if hes okay with it or against it...he seems to be neither....

  2. From what you said it seems he is okay with it, if he didn't want you smoke he wouldn't say "smoke outside" and he would say don't smoke at all. But then again if you're 21 then your dad probably doesn't look at you as a kid anymore, he knows you can make your own decisions and he's most likely accepted tht.
  3. why don't you just confront him about it and say, lets toke up man and see how he reacts :p
    Sorry but that is not the way to talk to a parent about it at all. 

    OP, if you really want to know, best thing to do is to ask to sit down with him and talk about it. Just be honest, you're 21 and he should be willing to have an adult conversation with you about it. Thats probably the best way - and the only way - you are going to understand his position about marijuana. It may be best to figure out a way to hide the smell, such as some incense or a method to get all smoke out the window. If that doesn't work looks like its toking outside from now on. 
    He sounds pretty reasonable though, so a conversation shouldn't be too hard to get into
  5. I'm not trying to be that guy but it might be because he's swinging for the other team. It may be his personality or he's nervous, I.e your dads boyfriend might beat him..
  6. It seems like he thinks its your decision ultimately and doesnt want to tell you what to do! If anything since he is your dad, just try to talk and ask him about it! Let him know where you stand and he will do the same!

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  7. My dad always plays one toke over the line like he knows I'm stoned....or he is?
    Da fuq?

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