cant tell difference between clear and milky?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by dustin27, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Any advice? Do many people have trouble telling the difference a little?
  2. They can be quite similar. It depends on what you're looking at them with. I use 30x and can tell the difference alright. Chances are its still too early and you don't have enough milky to make a true comparison yet, that's what happened my first time around. When they get milky, I think you'll know.
  3. Right on their bro....
  4. I use the 60x-100x hand scope from radioshack, I also got a 20x old school lab 'scope. All my indica strains are rollin on 8 weeks, day 54 to be exact. When does the change in triches generally occur? This 1 plant, without looking at triches, looks really done. Leaves fallin off from the flushing, brown pistills, I only see a few new white pistils growing out.
  5. im gonna say the majority of those trichs are "milky". probably still some clears in there too, along with some amber. try to give that baby about 1 more week for some bomb smoke. 2 weeks for some knock you on your ass smoke. nice grow. keep at it.

    oh, and this might help.trichome guide - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
  6. Yea that plant is looking very sexy! I agree 2 more weeks and your going to have some bomb dank that your going to have to share with us here at GC :smoking:
  7. Thanks for the replies mangs. I was planning on goin 60-65-70ish days, we'll see. I havent given it nutes since 4/6, almost 3 weeks now. Dont want any shitty nute taste. But more and more leaves are fallin off every day. In a week there wont be any, haha. In the pic below, the clear and cloudy trichs are indistinguishable to me. On my plants, however, most seem to be translucent, definatly not clear, but I'm thinking the heads that still "sparkle" are clear, and I'm waiting for a few more of those to turn.


  8. One way I can tell is by looking at the overall appearance of the bud, does it reflect light in a sparkly shiny manner, or is the reflected light more flat.
    Very simple way to tell with the naked eye. More often than not the eye can see the sparkle and you know they are clear.
  9. Haha, that chart has some very vague pictures to begin with.

    If you catch it when they first start to turn milky, then you'll really notice the difference. Try checking a bit earlier, once you "get it" it's not hard. It's just finding a good comparison. The way I leaned, was I started checking early, and when you see the first of the milky starting up, they really "pop" out of the viewfinder.
  10. when i see the milky ones, they look muddy to me. but the amber ones are root beer colored. hope this helps ya.:D
  11. I have problems too whenever im looking through the microscope at friends stuff. i always seem to see clear milky and amber.. or some type of combination never all mostly one or the other

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