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Can't taste weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NewbUser, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking for about four years now, daily for just over a year (minus a couple months of when I had to be clean and days where I was just really tired and didn't have to smoke to sleep) and I've never been able to get a distinctive taste of marijuana.

    I mean I can taste if it's good weed, ditch weed or vaped weed but I don't get any fruity tastes my friends describe. Is it just my taste buds or am I just taking a hit wrong? I vape and burn my bud as well, just depends what mood I'm in really.

  2. You don't taste the quality the weed is, or are you unable to tell any taste whatsoever?
  3. It's hard to explain. So I'll smoke dank/mids depending on what's in my town and I won't taste much of a difference if at all between the two.

    But if it's shitty weed, ditch weed my friends find or vaped weed, I can't taste anything else but straight asshole.
  4. But we'll have Pineapple Express or a slight variation of it and everyone says it tastes sweet and tangy. But when I smoke, I just taste a good smoke with no flavor.
  5. The term "flavor," I believe, is used fairly loosely. You're right about mid and chronic bud tasting similarly and bad weed obviously will have lack of flavor. Flavors of weed are often developed more thoroughly with the process of curing; people who cultivate "bad weed" usually do not properly cure the weed leaving it dry and bland, not to mention the lack of chromosomes. What has been the variation of strains you've tried?
  6. Right now I'm smoking an un-named sativa, it's inbetween the dank and mids here in my town but when I went through my last couple people they would get (let me check my period table of cannabis) blue dream, sour diesel, pineapple express, orange bud, purple haze, purple urkle, God's OG Kush, cheese, northern lights, and many more. (I've even cross referenced most of these to leafly in terms of effects, smell and look.)

    The only taste I've gotten from these strains is a diesel kind of taste from SD
  7. I guess I could say this as well, if I smoke a cigarette or cigar I can't really taste the tobacco, but when I use my ecig mod and spinner 2, I can sort of taste the flavor depending on what it is.
  8. We all experience our senses differently. Tasting smoke is unlike tasting food for certain. Not judging, as I too have engaged with cigarettes (and vape on a constant/daily basis (more like 24/7) but cigarettes will affect your ability to taste, so perhaps consider completely switching to the healthier alternative completely (vaping). Also dry mouth dilutes taste as well. Personally to get a better taste I'd say you should try inhaling slowly and perhaps letting the smoke sit in your mouth for a second to indulge/identify the flavors.
  9. I've only bought three packs of cigarettes in the last two years, it's just kind of a social thing I guess. I like cigars because of the taste it leaves on my lips but I only have two every few months or so, I mostly vape on my mod. But I could try that, I'm about to smoke my bong and try it out.

    Edit: after thinking about it for a minute, I normally just inhale smoke into my lungs no matter what I have unless I'm doing tricks, I feel dumb but I'll still try it out and let you know if there's a difference.
  10. Still nothing, just feels like I'm missing out a but.
  11. Not every strain of weed tastes like it's named. For you to differentiate taste, your taste buds need to be honed and refined. Also 90% of taste comes through your sense of smell. Most of the time I smoke skunky strains, I do not taste skunk. Weed most of the time has a bland taste, much like how nothing tastes like water except water.
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  12. Try waking up and smoking before you eat or drink anything. Not even brush your teeth. Try and clean out your pipe too. You might not be able to label it, but if its decent stuff it should have a taste

    This is when youll get the most out of your taste buds.
  13. you know whats really weird? when i wake up from a weed nap i always have a coffee and sometimes i cant taste the coffee.
  14. it should have some flavor. nothing super crazy unless its amazing. youll get a majority of your flavor with waxes
  15. Although I don't do this because I find bud to be precious and wouldn't waste it on smoke tricks or truly tasting the bud. I mean if I were getting 5/g I would

    load up about .3g in a bong. Rip it all in one hit and just hold it in your mouth and don't inhale. Just move it around in your mouth and exhale. You should taste a hint/essence of the weed and remember don't inhale, just keep it in ur mouth
  16. I think most hydro grown bud tastes like lawn grass.
  17. As mistahsparklez said, smell will affect taste. Exhale thru your nostrils if you can. Also I never have smoked a cig and it still is difficult for me to taste weed. Also excess butane from the lighter could be hindering the taste
  18. Idk about you but weed naps usally = a dry throat
  19. Yeah I've been trying the last few nights trying different methods to taste the smoke but I haven't had luck (exhaling through nose, holding in mouth and inhaling through nose, etc.). The only way I can really taste is is to taste my lips or the stoner girl's lips next to me.

    I just think my taste buds are different than other peoples' maybe.
  20. depends on how you're smoking, i think using glass will give you a good flavor, unlike blunts.
    with herbs in general i get a skunky/grassy/or lemon taste but not much else

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