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Can't take huge hits at first

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aroach31291, May 15, 2010.

  1. Every time I smoke I can't take huge hits for about the first 3, then when I get blowed I blow all oxygen out of my lungs and then take a hit until I can't get anymore, then hold it for about 10 seconds, which seems like forever, and I don't cough at all, but if I stop smoking for about 4 hours then start again it isn't like that anymore, does this happen to anyone besides me?
  2. Holding your hits for 10 seconds after not taking a break is pretty harsh, but if its what gets you faded go for it. Try to not hold your hits in as long or take little breaks inbetween.

    Blaze on
  3. it does get yew more blazed in my experience due to oxygen deprivation.. i say 3-4 seconds is much more reasonable..
  4. 7 seconds is about 99% of the THC. Any longer is pointless, though when i get baked i always seem to ghost every hit so whatever haha
  5. I just go for the median, 5 seconds. But really, when you're smoking you don't really think about it. Just hold it however long you're comfortable.
  6. Weird, after a nice big bowl I'm usually burnt and I always cough before I finish milking it and I can hardly clear it after that cuz I always cough.
  7. Not sure, but it could have something to do with the cilia in your lungs. Cilia function to clear foreign particles from your lungs, and it's possible the smoke is having some type of paralyzing effect on them.

    Again, this probably isn't 100% correct, but I think it's headed in the right direction.
  8. yes, smoking paralyzes the cilia in your lungs. that is why you should do it in moderation. but unless you are around something radioactive, you won't get cancer
  9. Lungs rapidly and quickly disolve the THC substance in Cannabis. Witch means you dont need to hold in that long.. Usually 3 - 5 secounds. Any longer will release toxics and other stuff you dont need. But you always need oxygen to. Or you can blackout or faint, like i usually do... Just take er easy.!

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