Can't take a crap while high

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by goodtimes, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. I've been smokin about a year and a half and i've never taken a crap high a friend of mine said the same thing .. idk its weird anyone else?
  2. Wow come to think of it I don't think I've ever taken a crap high either. The thought has never crossed my mind.
  3. Weed relaxes your stomach thats why you never have to go when high also it takes your mind off of it. What do yu think leads to munchies...relaxed stomach.
  4. ROFL, ohh man. You know what though, me neither, never. Never really thought of it before, but thats wierd
  5. yo this is freaking me out!
  6. Whenever I take a shit when I'm high it feels like I shit a mile.
  7. I have after gettin the munchies and eating all this taco bell. It was the best high experience ive ever had
  8. Don't think so. It's always the next morning, though.
  9. oh man the next morning i usually crap my brains out i've been tryin to cut down on munchin i herd its not very healthy to eat alot when high plus all i eat is junk food when high lol i hear there is a way to control munchies though

  10. Sometimes I forget I'm hungry I'm so high. But the good thing is that both my parents can cook hella good (I'm working on my culinary skills) but I get home after blazin' and got a feast layed out for me. Just eat 'till I feel sick on steak, or fish, or whatever they make.:smoke:
  11. Takin a dump high is more enjoyable then taking a dump sober. I have before just not very often.
  12. You can just not eat at all and just drink a shit load of water. That's what I do. Just remember, the second you take a bite of anything, you're going to eat all of it!
  13. Yeah I don't think I've ever had the urge to shit while high, but ALWAYS the next morning i have the take the hugest shit cause of the munchies.
  14. i took a shit when i was high
  15. the title of this thread made me laugh
  16. hah my friend said he did once and it was an incredible expeirence

  17. FTW :hello:
  18. I have plenty :p

    Maybe its more because you don't want to waste the 2 min of precious stoned time.
  19. haha thats fuckin hilariois...+rep
  20. I have, you wouldn't even know you needed to unless you knew before you got high tho.

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