Cant Swim?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bitchimdabomb, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. when ever me and my friend toke up we go swiming in my pool if its hot out and like me and my friends are really good swimmers but wehn we are blazed we forget how to swim and almost drown lol so wee need like floats and shit does this happen to any 1 else:smoke:
  2. hahaha i can just imagine that. two stoners in a pool helplessly drowing while laughing their asses off.
  3. No. But I love laying on one of those floaties that you can lay down on in the pool.. The water under you feels amazing.
  4. Haha worded very nicely:smoke:

    I love when you can laugh at something that stupid
  5. how can u forget to swim...:confused:

    i blazed and snowboard, skate, mountain biking, and swimmin,
    its soo much fun :smoke:
  6. ^^^ try having sex on one of those
  7. How the hell do you forget how to swim when your stoned out of your mind its like your riding a bike, even if I was tripping my balls off I'd swim just as well. Your lucky to have a pool, I would just sit back smoke a fatty and go swimming.

    I'd obviously advise that you don't go swimming when high you drown one day they blame the death on marijuana and another bad smear on legalization campaign just what the stoner community really needs right now.:eek:
  8. how the hell could u manage to have sex on one of those? (high?) damn son. haha. but yea, i can't say that i've ever been in a pool high but i would definetly let u guys know what its like.
  9. maaan all i did this summer was smoke and do cannonballs and shit off the high dive :D:D soooooo much fun!!
  10. advice to anyone smoking a a pool, don't wet your hands at all. This causes problems with the lighter and gets the blunt/j wet.
  11. well how the hell are you supposed to avoid that when your swimming, if thats a problem just simply dry your hands off after your done or just smoke out a bong/pipe.

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