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Can't stop

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kurt123, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I'm a habitutal pot user. I smoke daily. I am unhappy with the amount I am smoking, and have many reasons to cut back (memory, health, etc) but when it comes right down to it, I just don't stop.

    I always find a steady supply of pot, and running dry is something that just doesn't happen. If I try to run myself dry I'll either pick up more or start scraping my grinders / smoking resin. If I stop cold turkey, when I pick it up again I spring right back in to daily habitual pot use.

    Long term, I want to cut back significantly. Short term, I want to be high. And short-term thinking always wins.

    I find myself bored in my room far too often. I have activities I enjoy doing, but they require energy, something that I don't always have.

    Any tips or suggestions? I want to get back to once or twice a week. It seems easily achievable, but I just don't want to stop.
  2. Smoke up a friend. That will half your supply at least or cut down slowly instead of smoking 2 grams a day smoke 1. Just ween yourself of it.
  3. Use weed as a reward for doing something productive with your life. Smoke just at night when your days priorities are concluded.
  4. It's called self-control and willpower. Use it. Why don't you stop a few days to show yourself you can do it?
  5. we are creatures of habit. find yourself a second job to take up some time.
  6. I use to think i couldnt but then i decided to take a few days off and it worked out well. you just have to be doing something or you might be tempted.
  7. Are you smoking dank? Buying shitty weed in abundence is very common, but if you get dank it will significantly get you higher quicker and thus using less weed.
  8. Well I get you on the memory part haha, but I've never heard of a way it could seriously affect your health, so much that you need to stop. If you're talking about a bad cough, just deal with it lol or get some cough syrup, no big deal. However, if it is something different and you still want to stop, then don't treat it like some kind of hard drug that you can't stop using or as an achievement if you do stop, because in the end it is only you, and not the weed. As others have said, you will need to exercise willpower and break the habit that you are so used to. Make a plan on how you will go about your day without weed in it and stick to it. Get your eating cycle back on track if it's screwed up, just re-accustom yourself to sober life. Trust me and everyone else, it does suck and you will feel a bit cranky/depressed once you notice that you're not smoking as often or at all, but that's just because you're breaking the habit of ingesting something in particular. But after that initial period, you will feel the time you are sober is fine and the time you smoke once or twice is just a nice change of pace. If cold turkey isn't your thing, (hate to use this example because tobacco is nothing close to cannabis) think of what cigarette smokers do to try to get themselves off, smoke a little less everyday, or in your case, smoke maybe every other day and then every two days etc. until you're at your happy place. Hope this helps!
  9. Yeah I get that way too. When I have a lot of weed, I'll smoke every day, until im dry. Then I usually take a break since it takes my hook up a while to get it sometimes. Weed makes everything interesting so the few days after you stop everything is boring as shit. After about a week, sober things start to get better and then I'm fine not having it. Then my hook up will call and it's like Christmas (especially since she'll get me the good stuff). Cycle. Repeat. Need to start growing so I don't have to worry about it.
  10. Keep on with the force dont stop, dont stop till you get enough
  11. I make myself smoke only at night. To me, night is the perfect time and I can smoke as much as I want. It's fucking night, who cares, and it gets me to sleep so I can wake up earlier. Wake and bakes are a special occasion. So limit yourself to a time and smoke only at that time on certain days. Weekends tend to be the best or whenever you're off. Also limit yourself to only one or two pickups a month. Hide your main stash away from you and make a mini stash for only that day DON'T go over. If you do these things you'll be saving more weed and $. And you accomplish your goal of not smoking "too much". Also you don't even have to be dry. You'll have a constant stash!
  12. How much do you smoke a day? Once I started feeling like that. But i just found out I wasn't really enjoying bud. So I learned enjoying it. I guess it's something you learn with time. Probably you're smoking too much. Just smoke when you feel like doing it, not just because you are bored. And you won't get cold turkey. You'll just be a little more pissed of and will be harder to sleep.
    Learn to enjoy it. Don't let it be your life. Like somebody said it's self control. And that ain't really that hard.
  13. Can't Stop Won't Stop!

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