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cant stop coughing please help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cannabislover, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I live in Texas and I started smoking cannabis about 4 years ago, ever since then to my knowledge I have always been a "cougher" and it was my understanding that after a while your lungs get used to the smoke and you dont cough anymore. Its just annoying becuase it makes me look like a novice smoker which I deff wouldnt consider myself, plus coughing just straight up sucks so if theyre are any remedies or advice that can help me please fill me in.
  2. TEXAS!!!! :hello: I GOT IT RIGHT NOW ITS HORRIBLE! im taking muscinex and amoxicilin. And it seems to be helping a littlle
  3. Just take some tylenol cold and chillax for a few days. U probably just have a cold or some shit. If not, just take a t-break give yer lungs a rest
  4. I've gotten to a point where if I feel the need to cough now, I can keep myself from doing so. Just something that I picked up over the years I guess from smoking all the time.

  5. dont use butane. buy either an electric wand ( 29 bucks offline) or some hempline dipped in beeswax.

    i coughed all the time, till i cut the butane. not only is it healthier for you, it tastes better too!

    and ther is less resin in the bong :)

    happy tokin
  6. Well I dont know if that will help. I only cough when I smoke
  7. I have some hemp line, I thinks its called bee line, ive been using that for about 2 months and I still cough:( I love that stuff though it does taste better:smoking:
  8. I dont even know if I could make it though a break, I smoke every day its like as important as a meal to me lol but I fear this may be my only option. how many days would you recomend?
  9. Just take smaller hits and take it in slow
  10. Its rough but we work with it. Its the stoners cough! :smoking:
  11. I developed the same cough problem after smoking kush all day everyday for like 3 months straight. The cough would not go away, a single hit would trigger a cough attack that lasts for 20 minutes. I couldn't get high. At the cannabis cup in Amsterdam I got a free sample of Fiz, a powder formula you add to the water of the bong, that stops the coughing. I tried and loved it it really works. Been smoking with it ever since...smoke without coughing

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