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CANT smoke CANT use

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VolcomSton3d, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. So i spent the last week and a half trying to get a hold of this grocery store that I applied to, to get some extra money for bud. Not the last Thursday, but the week before that I went over and signed a bunch of stupid forms and papers saying that i agree to this, and i won't sue that blah blah blah whatever. I was all worried that i was going to fail the drug test because i smoked 4 days prior to the interview and thought i would test positive and 48 hours wasnt enough time for me, so when they brought it up i asked for some more time by saying i ate a poppy seed muffin or whatever. The chick said she would call me back by saturday to schedule the DT. So i go home and get on the internet trying to find ways to cheat/beat the DT and decided to take a B vitamin and drink shitloads of water. Well saturday comes by and no call, then call. I call them first and they again say they will call me back but never did. So this went on for a week and a half of them avoiding my calls after i spent a shit load of time signing their damn papers. Turns out the DT hasto be takin within 48 hours, which they coulda have said in the first place and saved me some time! now i gotta wait 6months to re-apply. WTF! SO i got no bud, i got no job. I decided to down a bottle of grey goose instead. So weedies, please smoke a J for me and i pray i find a job soon. Later, keep tokin. :(
  2. That sucks man... you shouldn't have mentioned the muffin. Try to get a job at a restaurant, they never drug test.
  3. Ye because everyone tokes in restaurants. Chefs use coke to keep themselves up till 4 am.. lol
  4. man fuck them
  5. ya fuck that get a job at a place that doesnt care
  6. I have worked 3 retail jobs and never been tested, weird. A restaurant job is a great place to work if you can get one, I applied to like 12 and none of them called me.
  7. grey goose -- $35

    put that money to your weed fund brother!

    but i feel you, man, that sucks. ill light up a bowl for you in the morning. what about other jobs other than this one grocery one though?
  8. A grocery store is drug testing? Jesus, what is this world turning into..

    I remember the days where professional jobs didn't even drug test. Unless you were a cop, you were pretty much in the clear.
  9. Yea but this is communist Russ....I mean the Good ol' U.S of A:eek:
  10. might have been wise just to take your chances . live and learn i guess. good luck with your next job.
  11. Yea i got a job at a movie theater haha, a stoner's dream! Plus my dealer already works there so you know what that means.
  12. hahahah dude, you had drug user written all over you, do you know how many poppy seed muffins you would have to eat to fail the DT.

    you pretty much just said, hey can i have a few more days to get these drugs out of my system, lol

    anyway i hope you find a job, sucks you cant smoke, wtf is this world coming to when they DT for a grocery store, was it harris teeter?
  13. I applied to a warehouse, and they insisted on giving me a DT. That was Monday, they want me to go in tomorrow. Still waiting for the call.

    But I have a backup job that doesn't require a DT. The warehouse one just is full-time and better money :(
  14. DT's are a bitch, but also pretty pointless unless it shows you've been droppin' acid four times a day for the last week or snortin' coke every chance you get. I think it's just pathetic you can get fucked over just for pot. A guy can drink himself retarded every damn day and still get hired, but you smoke one joint two days ago, and you get the cops on your ass. It's ridiculous.

    Try and get yerself some Apollo Azule. The shit's hard to find, but it works miracles. It can usually be bought at meat stores and such. It's kind of like tree bark, and if you boil it in water for like 20 minutes the water turns blue. Drink it up and you can pass a drug test even if it's like three hours away.
  15. drug testing to bag groceries? wtf is this world coming to?
  16. a warehouse is likely to test cuz you will be using machines. any job where you might have to operate machines or drive fork lifts, ect. will almost all ways dt
  17. well, at least you can toke again brotha :smoke:
  18. Just get a friend to piss in an empty and cleaned elmer's glue bottle, strap it to your gooch and your good to go. There not gonna watch you while your pissing.

    ive said it a million times. this is how i got my job (driving a forklift in a warehouse)

    easy as 123

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