cant smoke because of my heart?

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  1. ok so this is what happened. a friend of mine brought over a bag of legal, barely legal. we loaded a bowl and took a hit each. immediately i knew something was wrong. about 15 minutes later my heart started pounding and the only way i could describe what happened was that i had a heart attack, and i was taken to the hospital. it stopped maybe 30 minutes after it happened and the only thing the doctors could tell me was that im stupid. since then, ive tried smoking weed twice, and my heart starts beating really fast (about 40 bpm more than normal) and my whole body goes numb. this has been just about a month since all this has happened. but yesterday and today, my chest has been hurting. my pulse is normal, but i know somethings wrong. the people at the hospital said everythings normal, obviously its not. i was wondering if anybody has had this problem, or knows whats wrong? i dont mind quitting forever i just want to know from someone with experience that im going to be alright
  2. Stop smoking weed.
  3. i have. but ive been having chest pains where my heart is
  4. weed wont kill you, that legal shit might.
  5. Sounds like an anxiety attack.

    Try smoking less and if it starts to happen, concentrate on breathing with your diaphragm.

    Happened to me once, I thought I was having a stroke or a heart attack, started hyperventilating and made the receptionist at my old job call 911.

    The EMT told me I was fine, so I didn't go to the hospital and it hasn't happened ever since...I was also on an ephedrine/caffeine stack, I'm pretty sure that combined with the high grade sativa I smoked just sent my body all out of wack.
  6. Dude, you just need to chill out.
    Stop thinking of this new feeling you're getting as something bad and something to be worried about, that's the problem!
    When you smoke weed, your heart is probably going to go faster.. it's normal.
    If you focus on your heart beating, then it'll beat faster and faster until anxiety kicks in and takes over. It happens to anyone who smokes weed if they let it happen.

    Just stop focusing on what weed is doing to you and overthinking it and expecting something bad to happen. The doctors are right bro, nothing is wrong, it's just called being high!

    Relax, smoke, watch a movie or play some video games in a relaxing environment.

    @Pete, that happened to me when I smoked a super sativa called "Rene", took a horrible anxiety attack and contemplated not smoking weed anymore for a few days. Everything was fine though, just got to not let it get to you.
    It's ALL in your head bro!
  7. oh so what yoy smoked was legal herb things?
  8. You probably just had a panic attack. Smoking weed will increase your heart rate. Paranoia is also a side-effect. All those together is what you probably experienced
  9. is there anyway to not have an anxiety attack? its never happened until i smoked that legal.
  10. Are you talking about synthetics?
  11. yeah, the incense. im thinking it damaged my heart
  12. It could have. Dont fuck with that shit. Not worth it in any circumstance
  13. Yeah thats shit is garbage. You dont know WTF is in it. Weed is weed.
  14. i probably should of known not to smoke it. just boredom i guess. ive had a girl have a seizure in my lap because of it.
    i broke up with my girl friday and she tried to od and kill herself. finally out of the hospital so im going to talk to her. ill be back on later
  15. duuuuuude my heart starts pounding whenever i toke up haha :D but no numbness or anything else just a higher BPM but nothing scary that would even get close to anything frightening at least not that i know of as former emt :D what you should seriously never do is smoking the needles of a christmas tree or pop some fertilizer pills ;) that will definitaly go wrong ;)
  16. You're just high, the doctors are right.
  17. "Im going to ask medical advice on a weed forum" Dur dur dur
  18. well i figured it was worth a try because i havent been able to find anything else on it. and i figured a fellow stoner would be able to help me out
  19. Damn I hate crazy bitches.
  20. Marijuana does increase the heart rate

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