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Can't sleep without Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xolomilco, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. So I'm taking a tolerance break, having not smoked since Sunday (3 full days sober). I have the HARDEST time falling asleep. I'm 100% it's because I'm not high. :eek:

    Can all of you who have gone through what I'm going through help me out on how to go to sleep? And don't tell me the most obvious solution which is to smoke weed haha.
  2. Actually, you may be on to something here ;)
  3. what he said, but when you're already in bed, or read a book that uve been assigned for school/classes (if you're in school obv). this seems to do the trick for me..:p
  4. Dude that shit is tough. I'm smoking now and easily sleeping but I was on a break for job drug tests for like 4 months and couldn't sleep because blazing was a nightly thing. Anyways the only thing that did it for me was being drunk or taking ambien. Otherwise i would just lay awake watchin adult swim till like 330 or 4.
  5. That's also a viable option. Yes I am in college so I guess there is always some kind of reading I could be doing lol...
  6. Work out before bed ussaly works
  7. Ya if only I had some alcohol :(

    That's actually what I was planning on doing tomorrow, going for a major work out/run.
  8. c'mon man, you've been sleeping half your life, you can't think of one thing other than bud that helps you fall asleep?

    Shit, i sleep like a rock EVERY night with or without bud cause of the temperpeedick pillows i have.
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  9. Dude, just don't go to bed tonight, no matter how tired you are, and then sleep tomorrow night at 11/12 or earlier if you wish. This should help get your sleeping pattern back on track, and hopefully help you sleep over the next few days until your break is over.

    Or just go ditch your break and toke up again ;)
  10. i took a benadryl last night and that did the trick

    conveniently enough i also have a cold
  11. this is slightly off the topic, but in psychology class i found out why i always feel kinda crappy the morning after i go to bed high. it messes up you 1st and 4th stages of sleep, which are the dream state and deep sleep(the most important stages) so you end up getting a sub-par sleep. ive stopped smoking before bed, and i feel a LOT more rested. so once you get used to sleeping without weed, i suggest trying to keep it that way... you feel a lot better in the morning.
  12. I have had that problem in the past as well. When I don't smoke I don't get hungry either.
    The best advice I can give to you is too read a book while your in bed right before you turn out the light. This always makes me sleepy. I don't know what it is about it.
    If that does not work. Drink a big glass of milk. It helps.
  13. actually working out right before bed is the last thing you want to do. get up early and work out in the morning, when your short on sleep, and that night youll be good.
  14. I get this when I stop smoking too, as do most people. It passes after a few days and you'll start feeling pretty tired naturally, without weed.
  15. Ive been high everyday for a month or two now.. and i stopped a couple of day´s ago.. i cant sleep, i have wild fucking dreams, and i wake up all sweaty and shit.. ive found out that falling asleep is not the worst thing.. its the sleep it self.. i think it just have to go some days and it will get better by it self.. or, i hope so..
  16. Yea it does. I was smoking daily the last two weeks and got sick. The first few nights I couldnt sleep for shit because I was used to smoking before bed. Youll be fine
  17. It's the worst isn't it? It'll suck the first week but after it'll smoothen out
  18. I used to be your typical insomniac. A fellow insomniac friend recommended that I use my bed only for sleeping. In other words, don't read, watch tv, or browse the internet in your bed. Only use your bed for the purpose of sleep (and sex if that's what you're into)

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