cant sleep with out the ganj?

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  1. ok ive been smokin herb for quite a few years now and these past two days ive been dry n its killing me but ive realized both nights i try to sleep and i just lay in bed restless and uncomfortable:mad:
    and im figuring its because for so long ive been toasted if not right before i go to sleep atleast a few times during the day and it calms me and gets my body nice n cumffy for bed and now i dont have that and i just lay there sleepless

    does this happen to any other tokers out there??:confused:
  2. Nope, I can sleep just fine without it, but when I'm on it I have literally the best sleep ever.
  3. i wish i kud sleep that easy right now
  4. That's why everyone should grow a few of their own plants man... But seriously, I know how you feel, I have insomnia... but I find that getting a buzz from a few drinks can work just as well :)
  5. yes indeed that works for me too

    but sadly at the moment im dry in that category to and its three in the mornin and im not down for a beerrun at the moment

    i just want summ herbalssssss!!!
  6. I dont smoke everyday so I probably cant even tell. I also jog a lot so that probably knocks me right out.
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    I dont get that now, but i used to..

    I also cant eat much if i'm not smoking...which can be a pain = P
  8. I do suffer from lack of sleep without the ganja.

    Perfect example:

    Last night/this morning.

    No sleep.

    I'm pretty damned exhausted.
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    The ganj isn't causing the lack of sleep.... it is your mind.

    You have probably been smoking for such a long time that you haven't tried to sleep without ganj before. Then, when you do try.... your brain eventually makes you think you can't sleep without it. When in fact, you are just experiencing mild withdrawl symtoms. It is not that you can't sleep without herb.... you just haven't tried. Sure, the first few times will be uncomfortable.... but thats what it takes.

    I deal with something quite similar...

    I can not eat without smoking herb. I am an ex-opiate addict and have been on the methadone program for 4 years. Before I started the clinic, my addiction (I still smoked herb too) caused me to never eat. And as a direct result, my stomache shrunk and my eating habits changed dramatically.

    Now, 4 years later, the opiates (methadone) stil suppresses my appetite...... If I don't smoke, I won't eat anything all day until like 10pm. And by then I am coiled over in hunger pains. I get super hungry..... but without pot I just get nausea and will actualy vomit up the food. I get hungry, but won't eat.

    But then when I smoke..... it's like a light switch turned on and allows me to consume food normally. I usually take my daily dose between 6 and 7:30am. If I don't smoke, I won't even start to get hungry until about noon....not attempting to eat until at least 2. By dinner time I am having pains. But, if I smoke right when I get home after the clinic..... I almost fall over because of the hunger pains. It is instantainious. Often I can't even finish the bowl because I have to eat so bad. 2 hits and my appetite is normal again.

    But here is where our situations are alike.... I have been smoking daily for longer than I have been an addict (ex). So my brain doesn't know how to function without it.

    I bet that if we stopped smoking for a week, your sleep habits will return to, if not begin to regulate themselves.... and my appetite will level off.

    The problem here is this...... we don't (at least I don't) want to ever stop smoking herb!!!
  10. Yep, the alcoholic in me likes to come out when pot is low. I fall asleep much easier after half a bottle than I do after a doobster.
  11. try to get a medical marijuana card out of it. it never hurts to try. say you need it in order to sleep.
  12. It's a combination of your mind noticing something missing thats usually a part of your sleep process, you sitting there trying to sleep wishing you had some herb, and possibly the slight onset of Detox.
  13. ya it takes me a lil longer to fall asleep w/o it .. but i still can sleep .. however nothing beats sleepn while your high .. maybe its just b/c no matter where you sleepin it fells like your on a cloud lol
  14. Then you ain't working hard enough.

    When I'm done a work day, I hit the pillow and I'm out.
  15. Blazing has helped me getting to bed real fast. The determining factor for my sleep though is if I smoke a cigarette too soon before bed.
  16. I get the same as you theres no way I could sleep without toking 20 mins before bed. 2 nights ago was the first time in about a year that I didnt toke before bed and it was a living hell trying to fall asleep it just was not happening until I took a toke of oil than it was no problem.
  17. i smoke it once or twice a day, once when i get done with important shit like work and school and once before i go to bed

    my parents are chill with me smoking if i dont do it constantly
  18. this might not work for you but cigarettes make me tired as hell

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