Cant Settle On A Bong?

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  1. Sup
    Basically ive been looking for quite a while to buy a bong, I usually use really sh*t bottle bongs and it is annoying me, I was thinking about an EHLE 250ml with a roor diffy but I want a conical flask base as they hold more water = more stable! Im limited to about £100 to just the bong which i know isnt a lot but i really dont know anything about glass and was wondering if someone could help! 
    Heres something i really like (dont look if you dont like roor fanboys)
    and i know Roor's arent the best but they look fuck**g cool and the name gathers some respect! if anyone can find anything sick then let me know, i really dont have a clue haha!
    in a bit  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:  :metal:

  2. I'd go with a SSFG travel tube.
  3. if youre limited to 100 euros (which i roughly estimate to be around 180 dollars???) check out gc shop they got some sweet roors. Also i know you said beaker bottom but the straight tubes still have a nice base and you could get a 250ml one for around 100 us dollars :bongin:  then have a little extra cash for a carbon filter
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    As already stated, your best bet is to have a look at the GCstore and find one that you like the looks of the most, in your price range. Don't worry to much about "how it will hit" and if it has percolators or not. Find one that you like, simple. 
    I have made more than one purchase off the GCstore and have been very satisfied. There is also an amazing selection. Have fun shopping :metal:

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