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Can't seem to get high... am I retarded?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lonelykid, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. I've had limited experience with weed (blunts and used a glass pipe once) all that happens when I smoke is I cough like crazy . Could I just have really sensitive lungs that are rejecting the smoke or something? Sorry for dumb question.
  2. My very first dozen times I felt nothing more then maybe a little cloudy then one day the Cherry broke and I was ripped going threw the stages freaking out since none of the other times felt that way then I passed out been getting toasty just fine ever since just keep trying or buy better weed? I smoked nothing but tiger swag for years it was hit and miss on quality

    Big brother is watching
  3. Not everyone gets high in the first times they smoke. In fact most of my friends who have been smoking for a long while now told me they didn't get high the first couple of times either and for me it was the same. Coughing is normal when you're not used to smoking herb but it can also be from the quality of the weed. Bad quality weed can really irritate your throat/lungs with harsh smoke.
  4. It sounds like you're not inhaling right or at least just coughing up what you've managed to get down that far. There are videos on youtube and stuff about proper inhaling I'm sure.
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  5. Yeah more than likely you have to change technique or also find better quality tree
  6. If you're using a bong, I like to pretend I just escaped from an undersea secret prison and am swimming to the surface from 300 fleet below water.

    When I get 50 feet, a buddy of mine meets me with air (the bong). I rip it so deeply like I'm never getting air again. Then hold it while I swim the last 50 feet.

    Bam, 100% correct breathing technique.

    Haha only kidding.... kinda. But like others said, try breathing in deeper. It doesn't have to be fast or hard, just deep....

    And now my mind is in the gutter.

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  7. Take a big hit, then take the deepest breath you can possibly take. Hold it for 5 seconds, no matter how much it hurts lol, and you will be high.

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