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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MudFlapGirl, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. I'm trying for a first-time grow, and what has me puzzled is the complicated lenghts everyone seems to go to when writing a growing guide. Is there any site you guys can direct me to that's non-horticulturalist-student friendly?

    My first seed has sprouted about 2mm, and specifically what I want to know is what to do now? I don't know exactly what kind of set-up to create, but I know that I want to plant it in soil (or something?). Should I get potting mix? And what is pearlite and do I need to mix it and to what ratio? The growing guides write it like I'm already supposed to know this stuff.

    And lighting. What's the best light I should buy, someone mentioned 2500 lumens which I don't understand. Or a 400 watt hps or something. Can someone please translate all this stuff for me and let me know how best to progress from here? I would appreciate it so very much.

  2. it's not just as easy as need to know all this stuff, and know it well, as the more you know, the better the grow goes, and the better and larger the yields will the guide under my sig, and as the little one comes along, you can look at it's stage in the guide, and anything that confuses you, just ask in this thread and we'll help you out............but remember....."Knowledge is power"........the power to grow and harvest good weed..........Peace out........Sid

  3. It will take 4-41/2 months, start to finish for an indoor soil grow.

    Start of by planting your seeds in regular potting mix soil, just like any other plant you would grow.

    As far as lights, a 250 watt HPS light is fine for one or two indoor plants, 400 watt HPS is better for a few more plants.

    And PM one of the grow mods and we will be happy to answer any question
  4. If you haven't already, you need to put a relatively cool light on the sprout you have and get it down close to the top of the plant. Just use a 40 watt compact spiral florescent ($10 each max) and if you have two plants then use two lamps. Don't worry about the HPS just yet. I'm sure the more you poke around in this site the more you'll pick up. Don't forget not to over-water or soak the plant. Keep the lights on for 24 hrs for about 6 weeks minimum. You'll see how all the little bits of info will start to fit together and then you will have your plan.

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