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Cant see straight/halloucinations

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hunokeli, Feb 9, 2009.

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    im no where near a novice smoker, ive been smoking everyday for a year straight now. i just packed a medium sized keif topped bowl of some headies. 6 hits later i couldnt walk and i thought i didnt have my glasses one because my vision was fucked, so then i close my eyes. i see a small square light, it was something flying. just kinda hovering. then it flew over top of me and about hit me and thats when i opened my eyes. now i just keep having little white "shooting stars" or "fireworks" i guess is what you could say... is this normal?

    now objects around me in my vision keep looking scary and so i get nervous and look over just to see the object just sitting there
  2. Hmmm... could be laced


    Too much Carbon monoxide is fucking with your brain. Finish a hit, exhale, breathe normally a few times, take another hit. Don't power through it, that's how you can fuck up your lungs. Unless it's vaped, then vap on!
  3. Panic attack?

    Really baked?
  4. sounds like pcp,

    was the trip making you vision similar to a sketch,
    and did at any time you black out? for any amount of time.
    if so, thats probably pcp!
  5. You are probably just really high dude, keif is really potent. I've had some crazy highs before that seemed way more intense than a regular weed high even though i was smoking from my regular stash that i know is not laced. Weed is capable of some crazy things.
  6. ya man I've had that before. I'm pretty sure it wasn't laced just really fucking strong weed. i wouldn't worry about it you just got got mega baked:smoking:
  7. i think i was just REALLY REALLY high. i mean ive tripped enough to know the difference between imagination and halloucinations.
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    i have recentl heard of this. i forgot what they call it but its inner eye visions that can be an affect from blazing

    oh yeah nice to see some NC reppin
  9. Weed can make you hallucinate if you smoke a lot. I see things all the time when I'm really stoned, especially in the dark. Scares me shitless. You'll be fine just wait.

    It's most likely not laced btw. If you wait a couple of hours you'll start to feel normal again.
  10. ive been that stoned before. haha. keif is awesome. i recommend keif boxes or grinders cuz when your poor and out it comes in handy only need like 2 hits of keif and you are in a spaceship. i hallucinate almost constantly, ive been smoking everyday for 2 years now, but i dabble in a lot of other drugs. but i see shit a lot. not like shit that isnt there just what i like to call reality warping, like melting and swirling and stuff. but sometimes i see stuff that isnt there. its a lot of fun tho cuz ill just burst out laughing and no one will know why and they looks they give me make me laugh harder.
  11. I dont know about everyone else, but ANY time I hit kief I can't see straight(I can't even open my eyes until about a min after I hit kief)
  12. you retards... its just a hit of keif and getting light headed.. that's all it is, happens to me all the time

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