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Cant Score... in Vermont?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Luma, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. This prolly belongs here rather than the strain area...

    What is the deal!? So frustrating. I made a contact from a friend of a friend and he's like ya... "tonight or tomorrow, I gotta talk to my guy". That was 3 days ago. Today asked my sister cuz her neighbor smokes so she went over there and he was home but wouldnt answer the door. Good lord. Then I was up in Burlington getting a carbon adapter made today and I just got fed up and asked some dudes where I could score and they say yeah, "we should get some tonight" with a price of $20 a gram. Steep but I didnt care as long as it's good. Took my number and no call. I thought being Vermont, this would be easy. Well at least easier than Florida.

    Ive been trying to score for over a week. It's killing me. First time I have tried to score up here since moving from Florida and as odd as it seems, it's been hard. Very hard. And there is SO much green up here! Not including the $120 I've spent at the head shop the past 3 days getting everything ready on my illy.

    I had to vent. I'm all upset.

    Anybody else have this much trouble in a new area? It's gotta be bad luck!
  2. When I got to school we had zero problems establishing connects.
  3. it depends on where you are in vermont. i've lived in new england my entire life and i've never had a problem scoring in vt, ESPECIALLY burlington. hit up the UVM campus, or just chill outside of a headshop and ask the patrons (not the staff)

  4. I think I may ask more people at the head shop there. I just feel weird about it. Standing around doing nothing asking lol. Prolly my best bet.
  5. just don't let the shop staff catch you. talking about weed in a smoke shop is a big no-no
  6. #6 HxCurt, Nov 24, 2011
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    Don't make duplicate threads in multiple sections. Its annoying, and only gives nadroj another thread to talk about his prices in.
  7. Icu :wave:
  8. Hang outside a headshop and try to strike a conversation, you could compliment a piece he just bought, then I'm sure you can bring up you just moving here and having a hard time getting some bud. Unless he's a complete dick, he'll probably help you out.
    I would just make sure you make it clear that you're not a dumbass, and make it clear that you're used to smoking dank, in case he tries to get you some mids or some shit.

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