Cant say I didnt see it coming

Discussion in 'General' started by metalstonerking, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Well me and my gf of 13 months just broke up yesterday. Shit was getting to rough and messy so I had to break it off.

    Its pretty shitty though; its a very lonely feeling not having somebody you talked to 400 days straight, and all me and my good friends dont get into this touchy feely bullshit, so i aint got anyone to talk to. If I was 21 I wouldve bought a handle already, but now I got to wait on a fake...

    Fuck I dont really know what to say, I dont expect you guys to really care, but like I said i havent talked about it at all so i figure i might rant a little bit. Honestly, she treated me pretty shitty and was selfish and ungrateful sometimes and i could be a cold bastard to her, but its really weird not texting someone every 34 seconds.. ha

    Whatever... thanks for reading if you bothereed... I hope everyone elses day is going a bit better
  2. Numb your heart, bro. Just dont forget about it. Learn from it.

    Your better off.
  3. Dude, if our lives stayed the same forever it would be so boring. Dont take this event as a bump in the road, take it as an abrupt turn
  4. Dont worry bout it King. Women will come and go. But I can understand that you cared for her deeply. But, it obviously wasn't meant to be.
  5. Dont drink too much man. From what it sounds like things were really going downhill so it's probably for the best, although I know you dont wanna hear that right now. I know I've been in your position before and I'm sure many people on here have as well. The best thing I've found to relieve the pain is time, alcohol/weed, and a LOT of chillin with your boys. You probably werent chillin with them as much as you used to since you were dating but now that you have extra free time try to spend it with your close friends. They will help a lot through this, even if you guys dont talk about it. Just knowing that your boys have your back goes a long way.
  6. Wow that's a good way to look at it, I've never thought about it like that. Especially if she was treating you like shit.
  7. Yeah thats pretty spot on right there... I owe my bros alot I know theyll keep me busy this weekend.. I just hate that period where you know youre gonna feel like shit and there nothing you can do about except wait

    Thanks alot for replying guys
  8. maybe it just wasnt meant to be man. I know what you mean, about getting used to someones company. After my ex wife and I split up, I went through a phase of not being able to sleep, because I was used to her being there
  9. No matter weather or not things were good or bad, theres always going to be that feeling post breakup of missing that routine in the relationship, shit I still feel that form time to time, and thats all thats really going to ake it go away is time.

    So go out, chill with your firends and make the most of life, I personally think everythng happens for a reason, so take the positive form this experience and just live.

    Good luck.
  10. To make it worse:

    I started a new job... apparently a drivers license and a social security card arent sufficient identification for me to get a paycheck.. I needed some other photo ID or some bullshit and no one told me

    Long story short, no pay for another two weeks

    No bud for another two weeks

    I need my real lover maryjane to get me through and help me think this through

    But shes a whore and a damn expensive one too:eek:

    Fuck meee ha

    again thanks guys
  11. watever happens, doesnt happen for no reason
  12. yea try feeling like that youre whole life...

    and texting? what is this? highschool?

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