Cant roll anymore

Discussion in 'General' started by bloweagle, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I started rolling 3years ago and would do it a lot. Almost every weekend for about a year. I stopped for a while and didnt do it as much. Only on special occasions maybe once every few months. Ive noticed it just doesnt work anymore. I have to take like 3 or 4 pills to feel anything and it still feels like barely anything. Ive taken some bomb ass pills too and not felt anything. Whats up with that? Is my tolerance too high? Anything i can do to make it go back down? I fucking miss rolling it usd to be my favorite. I want it to work again.
  2. My friend was the same way, just go back to basics. Cut the paper into 3 parts, and do 1 side at a time. Middle, then left then right.
    Might want to roll by yourself untill you get ur skills back, because when my friend forgot how to roll finece his blunts were a pain and me+including my friends gave him hell for it xD
  3. epic miscommunication goin' on here hahahahahah
  4. Hahaha sorry to say dude but he isn't talking about rolling blunts or papers, he's talking about rolling face.
  5. Almost every weekend for a year? That'll do it lol. My tolerance went up a bit after a few months of rolls every other weekend. I'd bet a whole year of weekly use would get you pretty tolerant.
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