Cant remember my dreams

Discussion in 'General' started by xgrandpubax, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Like alot of people I like to enjoy my midnight toke right before I go to sleep. To help me relax, watch tv, slowly get tired. But the thing is I will be having the most amazing dream/dreams and when I wake up I cant remember shit of it hahaha. All I can remember is
    " Hey I had a really sweet dream last night. What was it about?". I mean I know the green makes me forget where I put my keys or my remote,drink etc but I never would think my dreams.
  2. A lot of people have a hard time remember their dreams when they wake up in the morning. When I had my psych class back in high school, my teacher said the best thing to do was to say "Remember my dreams" a few times before you went to bed to keep your mind focused on remembering them and have a notebook and pen ready so when you woke up the first thing you would do was write down whatever you remember.

    I always have really weird fucked up dreams, stranger yet I've had dreams in like black and white, and in different languages I can't speak when I'm awake, but it made sense in my dream? It was bazaar lol :p
  3. No you don't have to do all that,just don't forget it when you wake up,not saying it would'nt help,but the first 10 minutes are always the most crucial.

    I had a wierd ass adventure type dream last night,but I let it go,I tried to rememeber it,but I waited too long...
  4. it's the weed.... trust me,, ive been clean for a couple of months,,,, after smoking much each day,,,

    for years,,,,,, and when i ''had'' to dry out,,, my dreams became alive,,,,

    it's the weed dude,,,, it blocks your dreams,,,,:cool:
  5. Maybe you are "Sleep-Toking"? Hahaha, but seriously, most people dont remember the real vivid dreams, unfortunately. If you write it down RIGHT after you wake up you could be chill but I know that I personally forget them even faster than that. I dont think its because you are smoking at night, lol, but if youre real interested in this subject google "lucid dreaming" or "dream recall". Both bring up some great articles about how to enhance your dream state.
  6. Thanks guys I thought I was just going crazy, but yeah I have some weird ass dreams too. I just like to remember them cause its real cool knowing that my mind made me think I was actually doing some weird shit
  7. There are different methods of remembering dreams, takes a while to get used to them.

    They are mainly to help you lucid dream, but its all the merrier.

    I love when I remember the dreams I have, its so fucked up,
  8. I can remember every dream i have if i am not smoking, however when i do smoke, i have incredible dreams, but then forget them once i wake up.

    I prefer to not remember my dreams though, cuz I have some pretty fucked up ones :rolleyes:
  9. I had such an awesome dream last night. I was a kung-fu master and me and my brothers were defending this old western town from a group of ninja's. I sure was kicking ass.

    Then I woke up. :(

    edit: But yea, I usually forget my dreams right away. I made sure to remember this one right when I woke up because it was so fun.
  10. I rarely remember dreams, sober or high. It does suck, but there is nothing I can do about it, so I will just have to suffer. I normally have more intense dreams when I am high before going to sleep, though.
  11. mugwort....wild lettuce...take those before bed, and you will remember your dreams.

  12. Vivid memorable dreams are the worst side effect of not smoking for me. I had some nightmares as a kid that scarred me pretty good. I was afraid to sleep for the longest time. These were fucked up, recurring(a couple over several years), lucid nightmares. I got trapped in them, knowing full well I was dreaming but still convinced I was about to die. I had always been told that if you die in your dreams you will really die. My Dad even told me this.

    Here and there I remember bits and pieces of dreams, or a general feeling of what a dream was...but that's it, and it's usually forgotten once I'm downstairs putting coffee on. I'm still terrified of nightmares. I've fooled around with trying to lucid dream again, in hopes of finding some peace for myself. I dunno...
  13. I've died in my dreams, plenty of times, I've watched myself being stabbed, ripped apart slowly because I'm being tortured.. I've had some pretty fucked up dreams, and I could never wake myself up from them. I used to have night terrors as a kid as well. This is why I'm an insomniac now! lol
  14. Mugwort, it helps. Buy some, smoke it before bed, and you will have sick dreams that you can remember.
  15. The human mind is so vast and powerful we have not even begun to tap its potential..

    Its hard to remember your dreams, but since Ive began to do some shamantic training, ive actually been able to control my dreams, and 'live' in the uncouncious mind. My uncouncious mind is very strange, to say the least.
  16. I've never had any problems having/remembering dreams when I'm high. In fact I had a very bizzare one just last night real baked.

    I've been known to have vivid dreams very often though.
  17. I dont think being high has any effect on remembering your dreams (unless you want it to, ooo, deep). Haha, but anyways remember your dreams say a lot about your waking life you dont realize or recognize...analyzing dreams can be like free psychiatry, its very trippy. If you want a great example see waking life...i think someone mentioned it earlier.


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