Cant remember bong brand. try to help me out,.

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  1. I saw a bong today at local headshop, straight clear tube, GonG, 4 letter name. had a cool blue mushroom above the name at the top of the tube. just throw me some 4 letter bong names you know.
  2. If I was you I'd order a 18" EHLE for $80 less.

  3. yeah. i was lookin at EHLEs on EDIT. tryin to fogure out how to pay for one (no CC) and where to ship it.
  4. Kaos.
    I've had one...was thick as HELL good tubes aren't well known. I have a toro now and the kaos was thicker.

  5. Kaos, shitty tubes mayne. I remember seeing them at Headin 2 Hertel last summer. Owner told us they were shitty tubes and the only order they placed to them was their last. Specifically they said the bases were super thin making alot of people break them by setting it down.

  6. You people on grasscity don't like bongs unless its a god damned Roor or some other bandwagon tube.

    Like I said I have a Toro now that was 4x as much as the Kaos and the Kaos WAS thicker.

    The bottom WAS NOT thin. Don't slander a company because of what some dude said about them at the shop. You don't own a kaos so don't talk like you do.

  7. You're right, I don't own a Kaos, and i'm glad I don't. But fyi I've held them, inspected at least 5- 6 different models AND compared them to Toro side by side. I don't know what special kind of Kaos you had but Toro blew them out of the water in every aspect, thickness, clean welds/joints, thick base. Thick percs and precsion cut slits.

    Go with Ehle or RooR or Toro Snowy, you won't regret it.
  8. I can't judge all Kaos bongs as I haven't seen them all or examined them but I know someone with a nice Kaos.
  9. lol or he can take the advice from someone who has actually owned them both?

    If your on a budget kaos is good. Grasscity is on the nuts of every big glass company so this isn't the site to go to for bong advice..all you'll hear is roor.
  10. Because bongs made by the blower are always the same thickness correct?

    A blower can make any bong as thin or thick as they like. You just happened to pick up a Toro that wasn't blown thick. Thickness isn't really a qualification in rating bongs imo. Joint placement, consistency of the thickness etc etc is far more important. Don't talk like you know bongs when you don't :cool:

  11. First off no one cares about your picture nor found it funny. Second off maybe I had a thick kaos? Never thought of that one did you pal.

    No I don't have a thin toro, assumptions seem to be thrown around a lot here.

    I know about bongs so don't make yourself look foolish..I've been smoking weed before you knew what a blunt was. Seriously, joint placement...Apparantly you haven't owned too many bongs but most are in a damn similar spot. I'd be more concerned about the angle of the joint and the joints weld. consistency of thickness..please dude dont talk like YOU actually know.

  12. Some brands are able to provide thickness measurements.
  13. yea I had a Kaos 2ft that broke clean in half when I left it out in my tent.. I guess an animal got in or somethin but when I reached down to go get it I cut my hand and saw it broken clean at the yea it was thick as hell but shitty glass dont buy it
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    I found his picture funny, this just gets you neg rep for hating on futurama. And the fact that your Kaos is a thick one just shows there's inconsistency in make, which is generally a downside.

    edit: you neg repping doesn't do shit since you don't have any rep power, and I told you to not be an ass because the low post count doesn't help your case

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