Cant Reach Orgasm.

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  1. So, me and the lady were having some problems and it caused a huge dry-spell; but now (in part thanks to the weed chilling us the fuck out) we're back on track, and full service has resumed as normal... actually fuck that; better than ever.
    Thing is just lately, even when I'm taking care of my own self, I just can't come.
    This evening, she gave me one of the best BJs of my like (and I've had some doozies), but I couldn't get there - I'd get like 99% of the way there... and no further, no matter how amazing it was.
    What gives? Could the MJ be to blame? should I see my doctor? I'm having hot monkey-sex several times a day with a sexy-ass woman, who I love, and i can't friggin' blow a load to save my life.

  2. Put it in her butt.
  3. Helpfull, thanks.

    Regardless of weather or not anal would work, I'd really like hands, mouths and pussy to work too.
  4. that case, maybe you should try to take a break. Try not doing it for X amount of days, you know build up that sexual tension. That might get you back to normal.
  5. You gotta get your head in the game man. Both heads. You need to be in it to win it.

    Stop thinking about cumming and try to be in the moment. And maybe take a few days off. No stimulation at all.
  6. Def take a break from anything sexual, but still tease each other.
    Have you started any new med's?  There are some med's that can mess with people orgasming till the med is in their system (usually 4 wks). 
  7. Vicodins or percocets will prevent you from coming at all.

    Stop popping.
  8. no pills (apart from my thyroxine prescription), no booze, just weed.
    Currently taking a few days no-touching... fingers crossed.
  9. both of you wear socks while doing the deed, your welcome
  10. Are you stressed out at all? Your initial stress could have cause your first problem and then the added stress of failing to perform for your GF could make it worse. Stress may not seem that bad at times but very high stress situation can cause performance issues. I didn't masturbate for 2 months because of military basic training and even for 2 weeks after it was over. I had no desire whatsoever. 
  11. Lube it up real nice and go to pound town. If you stop before you cum you can never come back to GC. Just the way its gotta be,
  12. is it psychological?  Perhaps you're thinking about it too much.  I find when I'm focusing on trying to come it's harder to orgasm than when I'm more focused on enjoying the sex 
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    All my life I could never cum from a BJ until I started restoring my foreskin and regaining lost sensitivity in the glans. Physically, the sensations you will gain are mindblowing. Its like seeing in black and white all your life then seeing color for the first time. If you are interested in more info feel free to PM me.
    Best of luck, OP.
  15. I can never orgasm ): its terrible.
  16. Idk man with my ex i had the same problem. Sex was amazing but i could never get there and believe you me she fuckin tried :laughing: i guess it's because i wasn't attracted to her anymore.
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    lots of women cant!

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  18. Uncut.
  19. Try a position you like?
    Generally with me anything missionary with my hands on tities is spill time for me...or nibbling my over.
    Also try not to think about trying to cum too much?
  20. Doggy makes me cum the easiest. Plus the chick can't see you closing your eyes. Gotta work the tip of your dick too.. just grind the head in and out right at the beginning of her pussy. Then blast her cervix with cum.

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