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Cant Not Be Silent When I Smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kalashnikov95, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I noticed something strange about myself recently whenever I smoke with my friends, and I wanted to see if it has happened to you? Almost every time I smoke with my buddies, I can NOT talk! Like, about anything! Sorry if im very vague but its hard to explain. It honestly turns me off smoking with my mates, and I don't smoke alone much. I just feel that theres nothing that I can talk about that they would be interested in. I used to talk heaps but now its kind of like I overthink about what I'm about to say, and then I worry about all the misunderstandings or misinterpretations that could be made from what I say. Also, it doesn't help that I had a crush on this girl that smokes with us, cause my other mates think i'm silent BECAUSE I liked her, therefore making it "awkward". Come to think of it, I'm only silent when she's around, but I just cant stoppppp  :confused: I do realise that this topic is kind of pointless, but I just had to tell someone about it  :unsure:  Does this happen to any of you guys? 

  2. No worries, bro, I know what you're talking about. I don't personally have issues with this, but I understand the sentiment of like constantly rethinking or over analyzing something that either I, or someone else said. When I'm on the phone, or face to face, it's fine, but with texting, oh god. I generally read over my texts briefly before I send them to make sure I didn't make a typo or forget to tell them something, but when I'm high, I find myself constantly second guessing the text and whether it makes sense, etc. Supposedly a lot people are like this with texting high, I dunno.

    Just avoid over analyzing anything. Chances are that your comment/question was perfectly fine when you thought of it, so just say it. And don't worry about the chick. Girls dig confidence. If you're just talking with your friends like she's not there, SHE will naturally gravitate to you. Then you throw her a bone every once in a while and ask a question or something, and then go back to talking with your friends.
  3. Thanks for the reply man, it's reassuring to see that someone understands my problem. Is it normal to overanalyze things while stoned? Because whenever my friends say something vague, I jump to conclusions and think that theres some kind of subliminal, menacing meaning behind it. Even if they say something that isn't vague, and straight to the point. I cant help but think that I can't completely trust what theyre saying. Is this normal?? It's pretty much tearing my friendships apart, and I'm not sure if its the stoner paranoia getting to me or if weed really does help you see further psychologically, so to speak. 
  4. That's how I used to be. Nowadays I'm much more relaxed and just be myself, especially with texting I just write whatever first comes to mind.
    I'll admit when I first smoke with someone I don't know I don't like getting super baked for this reason though.
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    Personally, I wouldn't want to chill with a chick that I wanted to bone but couldn't. Just being frank.
    Second, I have issues over thinking things and feeling like I'm losing friends. But it always turns out that I'm just over thinking, things will pass. Again, I'd just smoke with my chums if possible, and not some chick if you can avoid it. I feel awkward as hell around most women save for my girlfriend, and even then I avoid smoking around her.

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