Can't... move... arms...

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. I can't lift my own arms. Damn best friend making me do weights. OK I mean, damn best friend agreeing to train with me. Either way - I can't lift my own arms.
  2. what are you training for? just to do it or ? I used to have a friend who used to smoke me out, and when we were really high he liked to excersice?? like play basketball and lift weights and shit? he was really fit and had a great body, you should try excersicing when your stoned or something, its really weird.
  3. I do a fair bit of martial arts so I've been cross training to try to get my strength and general fitness up a bit. For the past year I've been running a lot for sparring- helped my stamina a lot. Now I've started weights partly just for the hell of it and partly cos I think it'll help with limb speed and board breaking. But you can't beat streching stoned- all your muscles relax and you can do full splits. Fun fun fun.
  4. really? what belt are you? just wondering.
  5. at the moment I'm red belt in tae kwon do (supposed to take three years to get to black but I've been doing it for a little under 10- keep taking breaks- I.E. now I'm out for a torn hamstring- and missing gradings and shit) but I wanna take up wushu kung fu next year when I get my black- still keep tkd up though.
  6. That's what my friend is like, whenever he is really stoned he likes to do exerices and run around because he thinks it intensifies the stoned feeling, but defitnley exercising before smoking has an immediate difference.

  7. I think im gonna go try that now - i hope you mean a good immediate experience as im off to go jogging/toking around the house :)
  8. just a note fellas your metabolism are very low when you are stoend so you have to work 10x harder and if you are not fit then well you need to get off your fat ass people.
    move it move it MOVE IT
    get those cheaks working
  9. I thought it was faster- hence munchies and faster heart rate.
  10. You ever wake up from sleeping b/c you were sleeping on your arm? I did that a few times in the last year, it's so weird cause you can't move your arm at all and you have to lift it with your other arm,lol.

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