Can't meditate for very long

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  1. To the mindful blades out there I love the benefits that meditation brings but I get into an amazing meditative state for like 2 minutes, then I get distracted in thought and forget I'm even meditating.. like just about work and other pointless shit I don't want in my head :eek: How do ignore those thoughts without falling into them?
  2. meditate more/focus on your breathing, relax your eye muscles and face, just let the thoughts pass by, don't fight them, it's hard to just go with the flow sometimes
  3. dont worry about it, let the thoughts come and go as they please, observe them but do not react with them.

    main thing is though, do not worry about it, meditiation isn't as easy as it would seem sitting on the ground doing nothing is haha.
  4. ^ as they've already said. Plus:

    Practice, practice, practice.

    Until you get it, it seems impossible, until you get it. Then it seems easy because you have found a way to experience the present without the mind having a say. Remember, the egoic mind is used to being the boss. It represents reality for you. It appears to be who you are, how you think, what you do, etc. It is not part of the space that is revealed when you find stillness, and at first, tries all it can to correct you of this 'problem'.

    Intention, acceptance, practice, non-resistance, patience, discipline, are all required in order to break through. But break though you will.
  5. thanks for the support I again got down there for like 5 minutes and man it was awesome.. back/shoulders feel much much better and I didn't even realize they were tense/sore until I meditated, now I just gotta try and keep in it for longer.
  6. Like's been said before, you can't expect to be a Buddha after a couple weeks of on-and-off meditating. You have to put in the time, and the fact that you can meditate for a couple minutes means you're closer than you think to mastering this.

    What kind of meditation are you doing?
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    Just sitting down with legs crossed etc, and some yoga. Yeah I always stress about the most pointless crap it tires me.. gotta do something about it. I wish I could meditate for like half an hour a day I just don't have the patience yet.
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    Try using something as an aid to your focus. Breathing is a good one, but certain kinds of music are really good too, especially if you use headphones as they let you step away from the audible distractions of the world.

    Light incense whenever you meditate. Apart from smelling nice, it helps to create a different kind of space which your brain will begin to recognise as 'meditation time'.

    Don't meditate when you're feeling tired, try doing it when you first wake in the morning, before you start the day. Whatever you do, create a repetitive disciplined time, when you won't be disturbed and there's nothing you have to do that pulls you to stop.

    5 minutes is good. Won't be long before you'll go much longer. 20 minutes is a good length to aim for.
  9. Meditation is boring! Any natural psychoactive compound taken at the right dose, in the right place will get you to where ever you're trying to go! With correct breathing and a good mindset :p
  10. u should let them flow and leave u like the air u breath
  11. when you catch your mind wandering, reel it back in and focus on your breathing. do not become discouraged by a wandering mind, thats what they do.
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    Thats a sign of your impatience. Being able to meditate without the aid of a psychoactive is more beneficial to your mind and body.
    -Also if its boring to you, youre probably doing something wrong :rolleyes:
  13. I might be, but I have the same problem the OP does! It might be my ADD but you're right, definitely better for the body and mind.
  14. Are we talking grass or unmentionables? :p Brb.. going to try again but it's a heatwave today.. over 40C.. I'm not even wearing clothes and I'm sweaty :l
  15. We are talking about taking what ever you need to get where you're trying to go.
  16. I try to meditate but my back starts aching like a 67 yr old.
  17. Meditation isn't limited to just sitting with legs crossed, you could try lying down or yoga. Try not to think about the back pain, just acknowledge it and feel the sensation, but don't think about it.

  18. I'll try lying down the next time, it's just that I have scoliosis but definitely not passing up this experience.
  19. If that makes you fall asleep , you can simply sit on a chair and adjust yourself in a comfy position not enough to make you fall asleep , but still comfy.
  20. Can you meditate high or do you have to do in a sober mind state?

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