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Can't look at GC sober??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by badfishblazin14, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I havent had ganj for the last two days and i just now manged to score a firey ass quarter of nug and the first thing i do after 3 bong bowls is log into gc.....hahaha wtf??

    Does anybody else only look at gc when your TOASTED??!!:smoke:
  2. Hell no, man, I come here all the time, regardless of my sobriety, or lack thereof. I'm baked, sober and drunk in equal proportions during my visits here, sometimes with more than one of said states of intoxication in effect.
  3. No i like the topic of weed whether im sober or hgh, its always interesting around here, GC is just as good sober...unless you have no weed, then you just feel bad...=/ haha
  4. when i have no weed i cant stand to get on here and read about everyones frosty ass makes me crave more haha....damn i love dank
  5. Yeah, what he said.
  6. I'm on here mostly while sober, actually. Only sometimes do I blaze at home and go on the internet. I usually get distracted and watch a movie or chill with friends. But I could go any way.. sober, drunk, high, whatev!
  7. Im on here mostly when Im sober.
  8. Nah man I usually come on here sober, but all the weed talk just makes me wanna light up so I end up coming on sober and leaving baked hah
  9. i actually come here when im sober AND dry usually cuz i like to torture myself by listening to other people smoke and seeing pics of bud and watching vids of smoking.

    When i actually bake i usually do other things
  10. I love coming on here when I'm on an opiate high. It makes me love every one of you and what you have to say.
  11. here sober and high! haha high right now tho!

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