Cant log in on mobile device on desktop mode

Discussion in 'Forum Tech Questions, Problems and Troubleshooting' started by johnnyblaze805, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. I use my ipad and my smart phone(Samsung galaxy mega) for everything.. I like the layout of desktop version better so I use safari instead of the app on both my devices.. My problem is I can log in at the home page and shop but as soon as I click the gc community button it automatically logs me out and a orange bar shows up telling me to sign in or create account, i log in & it tells me web page not available, The page might be temporarily down or moved to a new web address.. What can i do? I can lurk like a creep on gc community but can't post unless I go to app. Which sucks IMO
  2. Shop and Forum are separate entities , they don't have single sign on.

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