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Cant handle weed anymore? :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by nekomaster, Oct 8, 2014.

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    It all started in April this year (2014). The day before my sisters birthday on March 31, 2014 I was fine, I was with my mom and her friend picking up a laptop for my sis and we were all smoking up. My mom was smoking street stuff and I was smoking her friends good medical stuff (that is, good strong weed, the shit that hits hard and stays with you for hours)
    Later I had some drinks and smoked up some more and I was having fun.
    Then the next day, celebrating my sisters birthday, I was smoking up about 2 bowls an hour. Around noon that day thats when shit went down
    I was starting to feel too high, playing SimCity 4 and the weirdness happened. It felt like my left chest and shoulder and arm where cramping up, my heart felt tight. I kind of thought I was having a heart attack or something, considering I'm not that healthy and smoke tobacco (cigarette's)
    Since April, I havent really been able to handle weed. I've been getting weirdness in my body ranging from random pains, to throbbing in areas I never had throbbing, like my gut, legs, arms and neck (and sometimes my fore heard)

    Everytime I smoke now, it bring out the weirdness I speak of, and when it happens it trips me out so bad, my heart races, the throbbing in my gut or neck gets strong. It really trips me out and makes me freak out.
    Now I can barely have a weak joint without having problems. Even when I drink and toke it still causes bad trips 90% of the time

    What is wrong with me? Doctors just say my problems are in my head, and my father has similar things (strong throbbing in random areas). Did I wreck my self with pot? Is there a way I can get back to weed like I use to enjoy it?
  2. you smoke cigarettes...
    and you're asking why you're having trouble smoking anything, let alone bud?
    I rather not finish that comment.
    My advice, you need to give your lungs a break. oxygen only. if you can't do that, idk what to say.
  3. sounds like some kind of anxiety problem. cigarettes wouldnt help either. idk what to tell you apart from maybe the weed has triggered some underlying anxiety condition.
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    Sounds like you had a bad high, and you've gotten the idea in your head that every time you smoke, it's going to be bad. It's amazing how much control your subconscious has on your physical body.
    Take a break from smoking anything. I know that tobacco is hard to break, but maybe use smokeless for awhile or get one of those e-cig things. Once you've given it a month or two, try smoking a little bud (maybe half a bowl). When you're smoking, don't let yourself think about the bad highs. Just remember all of the good highs you've had and all of the good highs everyone else always has when smoking bud :)

    Happy toking!

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  5. its got to them dirty ass cigs that youve been killing yourself daily with . if its any adivce i could give its to stop right now before you make it any worse than it already is .if you dont have the willpower to stop smoking cigs then try and seek advice from specialists . remember the only person who can help you , is you :)
  6. Dude I have had the same problem and it is either two things at least for me. The type of weed I have or I'm just super stoned as fuck and tripping. I have gotten side pains but not really pains I can sort of sense it is all in my head. It gets so bad sometimes I just have to lay still and not move a muscle lmao. I sometimes even can't breath right and I feel like im taking shallow breaths. I'm just stoned as hell!
  7. SimCity caused this...

    Just kidding. for real though if you live in the states buy CBD oil online. Get some concentrated shit and either dab it or put it under your tongue. Then smoke up. CBD reduces all anxiety that THC causes for me and for lab rats.
  8. is CBD hard to get in New jersey? im having such bad problems also... im a healthy NON smoker ,i vape my bud. no cigarettes... no alcohol.... ive smoked pot for 20 years ....and all of a sudden march 1st 2018 i smoked and had the craziest panic attack.. i thought i was having a heart attack... i called 911 my blood pressure ws 154/114 and heart rate went up 154 bpm ......... they thought i did speed or something... and this is lab sealed oil (girl scout cookie) which ive smoked 1000 times.... .idk what happened...... so i stopped for a few weeks ....then tried it again , this time i got a straight indica or mostly , goldmine...... i rolled a tiny J.... smoked half ....and my heart was pounding and i felt horrible. i had to lay down and shut my eyes........ this is coming from someone who litterly smoked 12 hours a day...everyday.... WTF??Q??Q i have a box of bud and oils in my room i cant bare to get rid of them

    IDK what happned...... im 33 now.... started at 13........ its been my life safer . now i cant sleep... im angry , i havnt smoked since march 7th......and it was like 3 hits... so its all out of me probly... but i want to enjoy it again...
    could this be it? is the CBD worth trying for anxiety? cuz i have bad panic attacks...... if any body has any light to shed on this subject please let me know ..... thanks ........

  9. I'm not saying start a new thread on this. But if you are honestly expecting a reply you do realize you dug up a thread from 2014 correct?

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  10. What kind of shape are you in? You may need to get in better shape. I remember my best experiences with MJ being when I was in cross country.

    I'm still in ok shape but I occasionally get uncomfortable highs that I just want to end but I can swear I wouldn't feel that way if my body was stronger or I had better physical endurance.

    May not solve the problem but the worst thing that happens is that you get healthier and maybe better looking than you once were!
  11. If your in a legal state go to the dispensary and get some cbd strains if not order some seeds online. Could be a new start for ya.
  12. i got
    cbd from Diamondcbd and i started out low 25mgs 30ml bottle of vapeable juice..... its good... i think... cant really tell yet..... maybe i need a stronger mg...... but we do sell it here in NJ at most vape shoppes and it goes up to 300mgs and its all different types. gummies, juice, oil. so i will find my right kind im just like i said starting with the 25mg cbd vape oil. def less anxious ...

    still havnt smoked real pot though..... ive herd taking cbd b4 smoking helps stop paranoia is that true:?
  13. Yeah I guess but you’d get the same effect if ya just got a low thc strain that’s what I do now. I still smoke cbd at work but, at home I just try to stay under 15% thc and I never have panic attacks. Weed these days is to strong in my opinion I’m seeing thc in flower up to 30%+ or oils in the 90% thc.
    I can see ppl smoking that stuff if you have a crazy tolerance or your dying of cancer but a new smoker or occasional smoker it just seems like to much.

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