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Cant Good Weed not smell as dank?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oGLb_, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Isn't it possible for some dank fire weed to not have a strong smell? Or is that not true?

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  2. Yes it's true
  3. If it's old it can lose its scent, but it could be new and scentless idk. If it has lots of crystals its good weed...deciding factor.
  4. Usually if it's dried to fast then it loses a lot of smell can even smell of hay.
  5. not at all
  6. to me mostly all weed smells like Farm Hay tell you either pinch the bud or peal the bud open.
  7. Very possible lots of crystals also doesn't mean it's good weed either you need a lot of good looking shiny crystals
  8. For sure, I got some shit now, smells weak and earthy but I like it better than my past 3 strains that smelled dank as fuck
  9. No you got ripped off hard bro
  10. yup just like they said drying makes the diff....I have some great stuff that smells like hay
    Yes, it can be over dried like others have said and still pack a kick ass stone.
    Cured weed will not pack the super stinky smell like it was harvested 3 days ago. I prefer to cure my crops for a month. Still smells plenty dank though.
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    Yeah if its not fresh either it will lose smell.

    And to me the stronger the smell the stronger the weed.
  13. Good bud can smell like nothing. Really it comes down to mature crystals and the chemical reaction of bacteria
  14. Do you only buy mid? 
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    lol. yeah i smoke mid 
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  16. Yes. I once had a gram of dank which I forgot about in my wallet for a week. When I found it again, it didn't smell like anything, it burned really rough, but it still fucked me up good.
  17. Lol yea all my mid smells like hay but it's decent
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    I was i dont smoke mids, But living in colorado for a year and sticking you nose in the jars at dispensaries, it all smells like hay cause the buds are dry, once you pinch its sweat juices youll smell the sweet aroma, and depending on the bud, if it has "Earthy" traits, thats where the hay smell comes from. But if the buds are "normal" nice and stickey, yeah youll smell it cause its super fresh.

    what i noticed when i shoped at 420 wellness, They had 50 dollar shelf, 30 shelf, and 60 dollar shelf, Once the 60 dollar "Exotic" weed dryed up or turned into somewhat popcorn buds they would bring that jar to the 30 or 50 dollar shelf cause it lost that awesome smell people trip out over. personally i think that is the reason why that do that. and i loved it cause i waited tell they had just the bottoms of the jar, then ask for it all, i would get like a 8th of kief out of a quarter, with out grinding. 
    Damn, my mid smells like hay because it's just not that great of quality. Our definitions of mid are probably vastly different tho I live in Georgia lol
  20. Yeah Idk what's going on but all the weed I have been getting in Lithonia has been brown dark green lately. Im hoping once the harvest comes the fresh green should roll in. I also think it has to do with dank becoming so popular.

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