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Can't get stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassisnice, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I just started smoking weed a month ago. I maybe smoked around 10 times now but I only got stoned 3 times. When I got really stoned I only smoked a single blunt and I felt it almost immediately, but other times when I didn't get stoned I could smoke as much as I want and I almost felt nothing, although my friend was really blazed. I never smoked cigarettes so I might be inhaling wrong. Does anyone know whats the problem?
  2. youre inhaling properly right?
  3. Try a gravity bong, I don't think you can inhale wrong with that! :bongin:
  4. Yeah really any kind of bong because the big hits force smoke in your lungs
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to buy a bong soon, but if you guys think I'm not inhaling right can anybody explain how to inhale properly?
  6. You know how to inhale air into your lungs right? Just like that but with smoke instead
  7. ^LOL!

    Op Do you feel the smoke in your lungs? Also try to take in extra fresh air after your hit.

  8. There's really no way to explain how, you just do it. Your body just has to get used to the smoke going into your lungs.
  9. A lot of newbies will try to suck in the smoke instead of inhaling. Think of the difference between inhaling and drinking a soda through a straw. You obviously don't wanna inhale when you're drinking soda because you want to the soda just to go into your mouth and then down your esophagus, not your trachea. When you're toking, you want the "pull" to come from your chest, not your mouth.

    Another cool trick you can do is after you are finished taking your hit, finish it up by inhaling regular air to fill up your lungs. Since you will undoubtedly be doing that inhale properly, the air will push the smoke down into your lungs.

    Once you learn how to inhale properly, it's like riding a bike. You won't have to consciously think about it anymore and you will just do it naturally, never denying you a nice fresh buzz

  10. That last paragraph was beautiful :eek:
  11. This is what I needed, thanks! Time to get stoned :smoking:

    One small question though. What gets you more stoned, big hits or small hits?

  12. What would you say if you had to guess?
  13. Big hits because the smoke comes in one big breath in your lungs so there is more thc absorbed in your blood in a shorter time.

  14. ......Bingo.........
  15. Roll a Doobie
    Light that shizz
    Inhale smoke then inhale oxygen
    you will stoned if Your smoking marijuana.
  16. practice inhaling

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