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Cant get hold of my dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Magic_Man, May 27, 2009.

  1. And really want a smoke to chill, gonna try smoking a few stems from my last pick up.

    Will this work at all? Or just give me a headache?
  2. you are in for an achey head.

  3. Wouldn't recommend it. It can give you pretty bad headaches. Just wait it out. You seem to be getting some later today so what's the hurry?
  4. I'm gonna say you're gonna pick up more of a headache from smoking just the stems. The THC content in the stems is way lower than in the actual bud.

    My recommendation is to use them like you would a chew. Usually I do this when I'm breaking up buds for a joint or what have you. Seems to at least provide a tiny placebo effect.
  5. Hey man, being sober for a couple hours ain't hurt nobody. Find something to do!

    -Go for a run
    -Play a game
    -Chill with a friend.
  6. can give a slight buzz but it will be with a headache and last 45minutes max.

  7. Hah yeah dont get me wrong, im not like sat here getting stoned all day.

    I just had a messy break up recently, so been keeping myself really busy past two weeks; today nothing to do.

    Figured id have a few smokes to take the edge off my angriness. Grrr. :D
  8. Yeah but ive never tried just smoking a whole joint of stems.

    Figured id get some viiiiieeewss.
  9. ive smoked stems, and aside from being really harsh smoke, i got high... i just had to smoke more stems than i would bud, or maybe a little less, but i remember it was quite a bit... just grind 'em up really well, or atleast thats what i did... and no i did not get a headache... i did get a headache when i smoked a bowl of seeds, but thats another story:D
  10. Take your bowl, take a paperclip, scrape scrape scrape your bowl.
    Hit it!
    No stems
  11. Reisen. No stems.
    If you smoke stems you'll get a nice placebo high you may get a headache.
    Stems taste mad nasty though. Ewwwww.
  12. yeah ive smoked stems before and gotten high without getting a head ache, not something i like doing too often though!

  13. lol wut?

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  14. just scrape your bowl, dont smoke stems they give you headaches
  15. I don't get headaches from smoking stems, but they're nasty and don't work very well. Scrape for resin if you can. Still tastes nasty, but it'll get you high. :p
  16. Gives you an opportunity for a t-break, I say.
  17. Dank stems should be fine. Most people would recommend throwing them into a tea tho.
  18. Old thread... but never gotten a headache from a stem, only seeds.

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