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Can't Get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stupidsmartboy, May 10, 2011.

  1. Just smoked some bud like 30-40 minutes ago, and I'm not feeling *high*

    I have some lightheadedness, but everything else is fine.

    Anything that I did wrong?
  2. Tell me how you smoked it, then Ill tell you what you did wrong.
  3. Did you inhale?
  4. How often do you smoke? Quality of weed you smoked? Method of inhalation?
  5. inhale chachi
  6. This is my second time smoking out of a bowl.

    I light the weed until I can see it burn.

    I then inhale it all the way until I feel like I have to cough.

    I then try to hold it in, and breathe out.

  7. Do you inhale the smoke into your lungs AFTER ripping the bowl (seeing it burn)?

    if you're inhaling right, then maybe you just got to smoke some more.. i didn't get high the first few times (i assume you're new to this and not just bowls)
  8. No worries man, it took me 4 sessions before i actually got high. If your doing everything right which it sounds like, just keep at it.
  9. Yeah but the weird thing is I got high before with the same method, and same type/amount of weed.

    Meh, weed musta gone bad.
  10. How long have you been smoking? It took me three tries before i finally got high when i started smoking. Also, inhale your smoke, then inhale some fresh air to be sure it all got in your lungs.
  11. Since there is no real way of knowing if your inhaling right, try this.

    Take a hit, then open your mouth.
    Dont breathe out, just open your mouth.

    If no smoke comes out, its in your lungs, if a huge cloud of smoke comes out, then it was in your mouth.

    Idk if that helps, I suppose the ultimate test would just be to eat some edibles.
  12. Man you a fukin scrub dawg that's why you can't get blitZed
  13. I'll try this next time.

    Kind of sad, was planning on spending the day having fun.

    Thanks for all your help guys.

  14. Hahah this reply is pathetic, but hilarious :D
  15. Smoke better weed.
    Smoke more weed.
    Smoke weed.
  16. i think everyone has this problem the first time. the key is to understand how a bong works.

    you light the weed up in the bowl, and then suck in so that the water bubbles. you can see smoke fill the bong inside. then when smoke has accumulated in the bong, pull out the bowl piece, and breathe all of the smoke into your lungs, inflating your chest. hold it for like 5 seconds if you can, and exhale. if you did it right, you'll see a nice amount of smoke coming out of your mouth.

    so, you're sucking in two separate times. once to build up the smoke, and again to breathe it in. hope this helps
  17. He was using a pipe. Anyway, make sure you clear the smoke from pipe (take finger off carb half a second or so before you stop pulling). The way I learned to inhale is to just take an additional breath after taking the pipe away from my mouth - that will guarantee that all the smoke goes to the lungs.

    If its only your second time, it's no big deal. It can require practice
  18. Inhale that shit into your lungs. Hold for around 3 seconds and prepare to get fucken faded.
  19. #19 TheCudLife, May 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    1 bowl isn't going to last you all day :/
  20. Not getting high the first few times is bullshit. No other drugs are like that. You either smoked ditchweed, or didn't inhale.

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