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Can't get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JelloX, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I am a newer smoker (1 year or so) and I've been sick (coughing alot since the weather is getting colder)... my buddy told me it's from the resin sticking to your lungs and I'm trying to cough it out.... now lately (2-3 months) i've been smoking twice a day or so..and usually a bowl or two will give me a good buzz but I don't even feel a buzz from like 4-5 bowls...

    Always happens when I'm sick..

    Anyway to avoid this? What to do?

  2. 1-2 bowls gives you a "good buzz" WTF are you smokeing, if this is treue it must be sum SERIOUS shwag maan
  3. yeah ive never heard anything like that unless you have an unbelievably high tolerance or thats some shiiiiiit weed.
    ive had weed where i smoked 4 bowl and just got a buzz
    no good :[
  4. ya if you need to smoke that much then you should try and find a new dealer.

    and ya i cough more then i used to but i still don't cough that much try using a bong and exercise some it helps me.
  5. Could be bc your sick, I get a shitty high when Im sick. Also two bowls back to back should have you to the moon if it some chronic.
  6. Ok well my bowl is not like a 1 gram's a mini bong and I'd say the bowl is about the size of a penny..and I stuff em pretty tight.

    Also it's dank weed, i know my weed..I live in it's always good weed :D

    And the thing is it always happens when I'm it's basically a waste of weed I was just wondering why it happens D:

    Also I just bought some mango juice..gunna drink that once it chills and then smoke up :D
  7. When you smoke dope you have an allergic reaction, that reaction is getting high.

    When your sick, your body is too busy fighting your sickness to have a reaction, atleast in my opinion, and thus you don't get high, or atleast not nearly as high as you normally would since your body is too busy doing something else
  8. Never heard of getting high being an allergic reaction... but my friend had a bad cough during the winter (from New Hampshire) and he smoked everyday also. It didn't go away for a while and it turned out he had a respiratory infection. That's probably only if you have the cough for a week or two and it doesn't go away.
  9. yeah its prolly just cause your body feels so shitty from being sick, you prolly just cant feel the high...if its not getting you high and its some dank, i would just wait till you feel better to smoke because as you said its a waste of budd.
  10. Your probably just having a down spell. Time to visit the drug store and suck down some cough syrup. Supposedly if you drink enough you'll get a buzz. Ive tried but I have some weird allergy that makes me sneeze ridiculously after having 2 tsp's. So ya, just take a week off smoking and jump back in when your better. The smoke will be much nicer when your well again anyways.
  11. could be your body
  12. yeah unless your maybe a medical smoker some no smoke time would do ya some good, shit it never hurts. Alot of people I know dont smoke (at least not no where near as much) when thier sick and thats my recomendation, take a break.

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