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cant get high off fire? help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by fasteddie91, May 17, 2010.

  1. my girlfrend doesnt usually smoke but sometimes if i ask her to she will hit it, i make sure she gets a good deep hit and everything, she takes pretty decent rips, she sayz she doesnt even get a small buzz off of ne weed, not even the fire hydro shit gets her a buzz, whats up with that? anyone heard of that? and its not like shes lieing, 3 shots and she shows het tits (nice tits too), 2 vikes and her head is down shes definaltely a lightweight. anyone have any idea?
  2. :bongin:Let her it a Bong :bongin:
  3. Depends on how many times she has smoked before as it can sometime take people a couple tries to get a good stone. Also, make sure she is inhaling properly. Sometimes inhaling properly can be the key too getting really high.

    Also, she may just be convincing herself that she isn't getting high. I would try it with her using a bong and good weed when she is sober and not on any other substances.
  4. bong? shes smoked bongs and steamroolers and ive shotguned her, i dont think it would take a bong rip to ger her high if she was going to get high, maby i should tryto get her to eat some weed, how much weed does it take to get pretty high by injestingit? get her to eat an 8th on asandwitch or in her ramon noodles?
  5. my boy was like that till we poped his cherry lol with a gravity bong now he gets high with less it just took a lot for his first time
  6. she can take small hits and i know shes inhaling right, ifshe takes a really big hit she pukes on the spot
  7. i would say she needs to sit down and just smoke a nice blunt with you

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  9. [ame=]YouTube - I Couldn't Get High- Slightly Stoopid[/ame]
  10. Maybe she is swallowing the smoke I knew some people that did that shit
  11. She's probably not getting enough in her system. I think complete noobs to weed have like a natural resistance to it or something, which is why most people have a few sessions before they actually get truly high.

    Pack a nice bong load and smoke it with her. I bet by the end she'll be freakin out lol.
  12. maybe she should hit my marijuana filled skin cigar ;)

  13. dude eating an 8th for someone who hasnever been high?!? that isWAY too much...also i hope you werent planning on just putting weed on a sandwich and eating it because it wont work unless you cook/let it sit in a fatty substance for a while or it wont do anything...your girl is probably not inhaling correctly...make her a firecracker with a half gram of some fire on it and have hereeat that...she will deffinitely get high.
  14. I think most of these new smokers are expecting way too much from MJ. They see all this propaganda and shit depicting people with their brains fried and they get this image of a high thats probably more like shrooms or LSD. If she get marijuana in her system, she's going to get high; it's just a matter of realizing it.
  15. I dunno, maybe. I just know that when i got high my first time, there no moment where I had to stop and think about whether or not I was high. For me it was more like: OMG YOUR HIIIIIIIIGH!!!!! lol But maybe that was just me.

    Nowadays yeah my highs are much more calm and mellow, but back when I was a noob, smoking was similar to tripping. I used to have these really really deep vivid thoughts. It was like putting my imagination on overdrive. I could almost call it hallucinating but not really. It was just super-imagination. I dunno, but i just don't see how someone could not know if they are high or not. If you're high, you know it lol.
  16. Does she act high at all? Do her eyes turn red, or does she get hungry? Make her smoke more..smoke a fat blunt with her and make her smoke the whole thain with you.
  17. its not like shes never been high before, she used to smoke a lot between 15-18 and then she moved with another parent and didnt smoke for a long time, i got with her when she was 19 and i smoked blunts with her and she never got anything, shes 21 now and shw has smoked recentlya lot and really good weed and it didnt efect her. i dont know what a firecracker is, i ate a bud fresh off of a plant before and got ripped up for like 5 hours. so should i take like a half 8th and grind it up really good rool it up in bacon and fry it for a while? would that do the trick with the cooking and fatty substances? seriously my frend say here and smoked 5 bowls with her in febuary trying to get her high, i went into my apartment and it was roolin with smoke and he was all f'ed up and she had nothing. me and her split an 8th of shrooms a while ago and neither of got anything off of them, prolly were shitty shrooms. i just dont know how its possiable to not get high at all
  18. It's gonna suck for you if she decides to spark it up :D
  19. Maybe you got shitty weed..try some super dank
  20. Put a gas mask on her, attatch a bong, tell her to inhale as hard as she can and hold that shit on her face for 5 minutes.

    Haha kidding, but gas mask bongs get me tore up.

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