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Can't get high off edibles anymore wtf

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by henrybeerbohm, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. The first couple times I did edibles I got hella high, as you do. But the last like six times I tried it nothing happened at all! It wasn't that they were just shitty quality either, it was edibles from different sources including like reputable weed clubs and stuff, and the people I did it with were totally fucked up. Why would this happen??? Has anybody else had this happen?
  2. what is the time between you eating edibles?
  3. “Venetian masks, alcohol, lubricant and various Egyptian leather accessories”

  4. Huh? How do you mean?
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    bad luck? or.. could it be a sign of digestive issues, present or to come?

    badkitty is your best source on this matter, she might say your liver or small intestine might not be absorbing the goods as well. or something along those lines

    I will think about this long and hard.

    edit: ...Romney the taxpayer for pres ^
  6. Drink lots of milks and fats when you eat the edibles.

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