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Cant get high!???? help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankbudsmoka, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Im a relativley new smoker AGAIN my first encounter was with an oz of Granddaddy purp and it got me so high.I ended quitting for 6 months...long time and a friend invited me to come smoke last week.i snuck out and smoked a bowl an was absolutely toasted it was HIGH grade.i only smoke a bowl of it but i take large hits an it was my first time smoking in 6 months so you can imagine i was fried.anyways i decided the 2 days later i wanted to start smoking so i picked up a gram of some good mids an smoked (i use a bong) an i would get high for 15 minutes and then it was just droopy eys an nothing else it was pretty good mid too.Whats the problem here i should be getting high i have little to no tolerance with what i just told you.HELP:(
  2. Higher grade gets you higher. The only reason you should buy mids is if you cant get anything that is better, or if they want 25/g, fuck that.
  3. Maybe your spoiled by all the good weed. Yea you should get high from mids and without a tolerance damn high at that so i dont know....
  4. what im saying is i only stay high for 15 minutes when i smoke mids an i have like no tolerance is that normal?
  5. Your username is really ironic.
  6. yes if it is shitty weed then that is normal. But honestly...mids should get you high with your tolerance off very very little. My guess is that you are smoking some shwagg or some shake from trimming.

    If you want to get a solid answer, post a good picture of what the buds look like, and we should be able to determine a rough estimate of how good or not good that weed is.

    Another possibility is that if you still have paranoia, that is over-riding you from smoking more and getting higher.
  7. thanks it looked like pretty good mids it was dark green more than light an had a few hairs but like i said average mids i smoked it all so sorry no pics im just a bit flustered an wanted to figure out the problem before i get another pick up

  8. hahaha i was just thinking tht:hello:

  9. ahahahha I was going to post that :p

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