Cant get high during day

Discussion in 'General' started by GeorgeW Kush, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Anyone else have this issue? For some reason, I can never get as high during the day as I can during the night. Any thoughtsm
  2. I've felt this too. I think its because during the day you're usually doing shit or the suns too bright.
  3. Or maybe because when you smoke at night, then wait till the next night to smoke again, it's a longer T break.
    Instead of smoking at night, then smoking in the day, then in the night again.
  4. when i smoke right away in the morning i noticed it's wayyy harder to stay high during the day, no matter how much you smoke. the longer you go without smoking, after waking up, the higher you will get. plus most people usually smoke a bulk of their herb at night.
  5. What? What the- no. Wtf?

    This isn't even physically possible for it to have different effects on you based on the time of day. Drugs don't pay attention to time. You may feel less high for whatever reason... but you're just as high lol
  6. darkness definantly plays a roll in highness
  7. I am the opposite. My wife and I call it day-smoking. We get way more lifted during the day. We've slways assumed it was just because at night we are lazy and if we do get to smoke during the day, it's a treat. That, and it is harder to do something productive when we are high. Hence we notice it more during the day.

    Day-smoking is sometimes a rare occasion. Kiddo needs to be gone. So we savior it. Prolly all in my head.
  8. I noticed this too i used to work 6-10 am everyday and when i would chief right after work i wouldnt feel shit but after i took a nap i would get super baked... Idk its all about ur mindset
  9. i kinda get this too. i took some liquid THC the other day and got kinda buzzed, but it wasnt until i got alone waiting for the bus around sunset for that shit to really knock me on my ass haha.
  10. It might be because you're more sleepy at night
  11. ...definitely belongs in apprentice.
  12. Drugs of any kind will interact with different people differently. The body does put out different hormones at different times of the day, my guess would be that you metabolize THC slower at night (or something).

    Unless you've noticed other problems with your day / night rythm, I wouldn't worry about the phenomenon. May as well take advantage of it and smoke at night, though!:smoke:
  13. same, i always get BAKED at night in my room. For some reason if i get high during the day i get tired REALLY quickly, almost falling asleep lol
  14. Could it be something to do with your senses ?

    When its dark you dont focus as much on sight, so everything sounds louder . Maybe it could be due to something along those lines .
  15. the longer break intbetween your last sess means youll get higher

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