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cant get high anymore

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tmacaveli84, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. hello friends,
    i cant get high anymore. what can i do besides take a break? any help would be mucho grassyass.

  2. this happens to me once in a while..I tried to cut back the smoking so much, but then i tried smoking diiferent bud all the im not smoking the same all the time..that seems to help a lil..
  3. look, Im goin through the same problem. Just remember try to start out your day with as little to smoke as possible. You always have to smoke twice as much to get high later on during the day. Also my man just makes me hold it in longer to sort of absorb the THC.
  4. Get some killer bud
  5. if you cant quit instantly try tapering your smoking off a little...instead of four times a day, go with only two times a day for the first week, and the next week maybe only do it once a day....or if you dont smoke that often then go to only smoking once every other day for a few weeks and slowly e it down until you'r eonly smoking occasonally and enjoying it much more.
  6. Masturbate. Alot. Thats was I do. Im truly not kidding, either.
  7. errrm.....riiiiiiiiiiiiight....why not just go out, meet women, and get pleasure that guys who masterbate like 4 times daily are very odd and should be locked up in a ward somewhere. Go out to a club or a rave and get your pussy that way....not on the computer....damn! Sorry im high as hell and i cant be thinkin at these times....peace
  8. This has never happened to me, where you cant even get high. My leves for a UA were once at 741/1000 for my body...and I could still get high!
  9. Originaly posted by The Ripped One: "My leves for a UA were once at 741/1000 for my body...and I could still get high!"

    Say wha?
  10. if you cant get high anymore because yopuve smoked to much, get a latex glove. My advice on smoking would be to take knifer but i dont know if youve heard of it because i alot of people out of my town havnt heard of it. But take one, or a hit, and hold it in then brath out into the glove and back in. Like a paper bag. breathe that hit for about 15-25 seconds, so you get all the thc out of the hit. it works really well, it can get 3 people really stoned off of a five nug
  11. KB

    I believe The Ripped One means levels in a urinalysis test
    where they showed a extremly high ratio of THC in the urine meaning he was operating stoned but feeling ah...normal...
    then taking a hit and still copping a buzz.

    Paul J Jamtgaard

  12. Yeah Ive heard of that..but most people around here call it ballooning...the majority of the THC(which hasnt already been destroyed from the flame on your lighter) gets absorbed the first time it in your lungs..THC is very easily absorbed by the lungs...the second time you inhale the same smoke, all the THC is absorbed...the third time and so forth is called "getting a buzz from a lack of oxygen"...sure it kills brain cells..but it fucks you up ;)
  13. stop smoking the schwag. try some dro. If your not getting high anymore off of mids, i mean a decent amount, then u need to cut down.

  14. I find I can't get high anymore.... unless I smoke some FUCKING good skunk, like whenever we get some brought over from Amsterdam, or some randomly amazing shit.

    Also, remember that you may not notice other effects of skunk, like drowsiness or red-eye, simply because you always have THC in your system, whether you've just been smoking it or not, so... well whatever I don't really know I still dig smoking it!

    Quitting for a couple of MONTHS might well do the trick though ;) i don't really want to though...
  15. Man just chill on the bud a little bit. I prefer not to smoke everyday and the best is only to smoke every friday night because u get soo fucked up. When i smoke everyday my tolerance goes sky high by the next day. If I smoke alot one day (like an 1/8 by myself) the next day i find myself not getting as high no matter the amount that i smoke. If u smoke like once or twice a week, ive found that ull never need to increase the amount u smoke...and get super blazed at the same time.

    P.S. Smokin Kind Bud or some really good hydro out of a bong once a week will fuck u up like crazy!!!

    Lemme know if u agree or disagree with my forum
  16. a few guys i know had the same problem - they just couldn't get high unless they smoked a whole shitload of ganja. they decided to take a month off from weed. i know most people probably don't want to have to do that - but hey, just do what those guys did: drink your ass off instead. :D

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