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Can't get high, afraid I will "OD" haha

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BluntMasterBen, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. So i've tried a few times to eat bud, in peanutbutter and microwaved butter and firecrackers. So far, no luck getting blasted. The last time I ate about a gram and a half of very high quality meds. Today I cooked 2.4g of the same bud in butter on the stovetop and am letting it settle in the fridge while i goto work.

    I'm afraid my last attempts just failed and didn't absorb the THC correctly, because as I have read eating 1.5g of dank and vaping a few grams on top of it should get you blasted. Do you think theres a chance i screwed them up and eating 2.5 will be a bit too much?

    Or am I just WAY past due for a tolerance break?
  2. t break time OP
  3. Yes that is very possible and more then likely the case.

    I've never been able to make edibles correctly so I'm in the same boat as you but from what I gather if you do this one right 2.5 gs will have you on your ass.

    You won't od but you will get insanely high, probably throw up and definitely pass out
  4. Be patient and accurate when you cook up your butter.

    Cooking up 2.4g in some butter I would consider waste (obviously depending on the amount of butter), I usually cook up a minimum of 10+ grams.

    Check out Hashmouf's recipe , it still haven't disappointed me when I make some green butter :)

    Iv also tried some quick methods with both firecrackers and microwave brownies, but they never gave me a good buzz.
  5. #5 BluntMasterBen, Dec 28, 2012
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    Please explain why that was a waste? I ate it all an hour and a half ago and am not super baked, I also followed that exact guide. I'm assuming you make more than 1 batch with 10 grams, I wasn't trying to.

    Sounds like a t break is where it's at.

    Ha, that's exactly what I meant by "OD"
  6. You used some pretty sketchy ways to make edibles. I would recommend trying a more involved extraction method such as using a crock pot. With some effort you'll be able to produce some high quality edibles.
  7. Your tolerence for edibles and smoking are completly different though... if you made something before and it didn't work its because you made it wrong

    If you believe you made this right... take half of half then and try to get down to a lower number... and then eat like .5 every hour or something

    you dont wanna eat it all at once and have it hit you all at once... its like falling off a hill and rolling down one

    it makes a difference

  8. A THC tolerance is a THC tolerance no matter what, is it not? I know for a fact I made this correctly, and I did not get the effects I want. I've followed the stickys here for 3 out of 4 of the things i've tried, no luck with anything. Why wouldn't I want it to hit me all at once? It's not like i'm taking a gram dab, edibles come on slow enough as it is.

    I'm not some fool who can't simmer weed..
  9. Sounds like you got serious problems though if you smoke so much 2g in 1 brownie cant hit you.

    Take a break, that's called abuse ... I personally vape every night for 6 weeks then take 3 - 4 weeks off otherwise I don't get the desired affect i'm after.
  10. The last 1/4 I bought I put aside 2 nice sized nugs and ground up the rest and put it in I'm guessing a cup of peanut butter. I mixed the PB good then threw it in a pre-heated oven @ 325 for 20min.

    It is definitely some potent PB. The most I've taken at one time is a spoon or so, and it got me pretty high. My tolerance isn't that high though, so adj to your tolerance, but it definitely works and is super easy.

  11. So people who medicate daily for pain are marijuana abusers? What about those that smoke a couple grams of oil a day?

    You see, when you hurt 24 hours a day, that 3-4 weeks off doesn't really work out.

    Next time, please think before spouting your ignorance in my threads.
  12. According to what I've picked up, tolerance is different for edibles. This is purely my own speculation and I will gladly stand corrected, but I'm guessing it's different because the lung/blood transfer is totally unrelated to the digestive system/blood transfer.

    "Why wouldn't I want it to hit me all at once?"

    Because once you swallow it you're committed. If it's too much you won't even know it for a couple of hours, and there won't be anything you can do about it -- you'll have to ride it out, and it will likely be a long ride.
  13. I love those long rides tho. :p
  14. Mannn u knew damn well u was goin get high so yea it wasnt a point 2 forcefully turn down cuz either way u was goin glide down from da clouds #EnjoyDattHigh
  15. Ull never OD..ull just passout
  16. #16 BluntMasterBen, Jan 2, 2013
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    I want it to hit me at once because I am not quite getting the effects I want.
    It's just my stupid tolerance I've found out.

    Ugh, I'm sick of people saying this. "Nurrrhhh, you won't OD, you'll just puke and pass out!"

    What exactly do you think overdose means? It's not like I asked if I was going to seize out or die of respiratory depression..

    If you get too high and pass out, you took an amount over the needed dose.
  17. Except there is no real dose for marijuana. Everyone is different and needs different amounts to reach varying states of intoxication.
  18. I agree 2 this
  19. Thats not od to me.. OD to me is needing medical attention.. Passin out n goin to sleep is not OD' just one of the side effects..i didnt say nothin bout throwin up

  20. Are you trying to agree with something I said or make a point against me? No matter, your statement is correct.

    No I feel you there man, I wouldn't call passing out an OD, but when you smoke to the point you are freaking out or throwing up(I recall smoking a gram joint after not having smoked for years and getting wayyyy tooo high, threw up from the spins) then I'd call it a marijuana overdose.

    Technically, taking anything more than recommended or regularly practiced is considered an overdose. Does that mean when you get super lit, you are overdosing on marijuana? Kinda have to look at the word in a different way when used like that.

    Wow, i'm rambling. [8]

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