Can't get her off my mind!!

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  1. There is this chick in one of my classes..a year older than me, never met her prior to this year, but we have been talking alot in class and i just cant get her off my mind!! She flirts with me alot and i think(hope)she likes me..i want to make a move but i just dont know where to start..

    This may be a pointless thread but i just feel like i need to say something and get these feelings out there. anyone who has been in my position with some worthy advice?
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    just go for it, ...dont come on strong though whatever you do....act like you always do ...except flirt more...and gradually more....then if you notice she is returning your, then you know she is down for you....then you can take the next step... who knows...this may be the beginning of a be-yoo-teeful relationship;)
  3. that actually sounds like a good plan..yea hopefully it does! I haven't felt like this about a girl in a while..
  4. bump?

    how do i know when it is the right time to ask her out? what do i say? how do i say it?

    i know i sound retarded i just havent had a gf in a while..

    im in high school if that helps.
  5. Make her laugh then ask her out. But not in immediate, rapid-fire succession.
  6. Don't ever "ASK A GIRL OUT" is the advice I'll say - thats for middle school.

    Just if a relationship happens,you bot will make it happen.

    dude shes flirting wiht u

    flirt back,

    and learn some techniques, just hold her hand.

  7. If the signals are right such as in your case, just ask her to chill with you sometime out of school.

    "So hey, I like you and I was wondering if you felt the same way?"

    if yes,"Do you want to chill sometime?"
  8. "whatta you doing saturday"

    "wanna go grab a bite to eat with me?"

    = date
  9. thanks blades

    i think she might have a thing for/with another guy according to some people..but the funny thing is that today she told me that i remind her of him..hmm..

    my challenge is to be dating her by new years..should be more than enough time

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