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Cant Get Giggly?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bukowski6425, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. I've been on a pretty big weed binge since early summer, going probably at the absolute most 7/8 days sober a month, and I haven't had a nice giggle high in so long. All I can get in my area is Mids or Headies, and most of the time I shell out the extra cash for some Headies, but back to my main point I don't get giggly anymore. And movies just usually bore me now? I miss giggling my ass off, instead of just chilling and feeling good.
  2. i feel ya. i get bored of watching movies, probably because i seem to always watch pineapple express when i'm high haha. i never giggle or really laugh at all when i smoke by myself. however, if i'm with a friend or in a group and one person starts laughing then i start to laugh, and seem to have problems stopping. do you smoke with friends? i think you're more likely to get that fun, giggly high if you're joking around and smoking with a group.
  3. Take a t-break you'll get those giggles after that 3-4week break trust me. After that break get some real nice headies watch a comedy movie and you'll be giggly
  4. Whenever I'm stoned, watching movies always kind of sucks because I just think of how the movie is made and how the plot is a cookie cutter of tons of other movies
  5. i love smoking with people who get the white people giggles. Either get higher quality weed or take a t break and that should fix it
  6. Hahahh, I love the laughing at laughing stuff. I do on the weekends, but its usually just with my best friend, and we've been looking for a third guy for awhile but our first friend had a mini freak out (he was a noob) then we tried another friend, and he had a major one, threw up and passed out on my bed by 10:30. We concluded we smoke way too much:D

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