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Can't get easy vape to work

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redhead420, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. So I bought an easy vape, but it seems to do nothing. Normally, I get high off of a pinch of weed, but a pinch had no effect. I even turned it up to 400 and added more.

    It turned brown, and I saw a very slight amount of vapor, but I barely felt buzzed even using a pretty large bowl.

    Am I doing it wrong or does the easy vape just suck? :mad:
  2. the more you put in a vape the less effective it is, its better with small bowl, also you have to take very long, slow inhales. also, it is a different sort of high.
  3. I had a similar problem. I don't know how much you have used the vape, but make sure that metal screen that the bud rests on isn't clogged with residue. I used my vape at least once or twice a week for about 4 months and I noticed that I was not getting as high, and I needed to pull way harder. The metal screen was completely permeated in an ash-oil gunk not allowing vapor through (as well as adding to the build up). I took the screen out and cleaned it by rubbing it with soap; I rubbed and applied soap for atleast half an hour, it built up really bad. You could not see through it at all, but after cleaning you could.

    I also cleaned the glass part that goes into the vape with salt and isophropal alcohol. Lastly, change the hose if you need to; I do this every month or so (just cut a clear plastic tube from a long role and re-attach to the glass part).

    Smaller bowls definitely seem more effective, esp. when ground..

    Anyway, hope this helps.
  4. damn idk but it has to work. I know a lot of vapes you sort of have to learn how to use properly so it could take some trial and error. If icould get high off a lightbulb vape im sure a real vape no matter how sucky HAS to work:p Did you taste the vapour? You should of if you were getting some..
  5. Well 400 is way too high. I normally kept mine anywhere from 215-385. I know that's a big window, but I don't know how accurate that little digital thermostat is. So I just go by taste and look.
    Are you waiting long enough for it to heat up before you smoke? It takes a few min. When you hit a Vape, it should taste pretty much the same as when you cook with weed. The smoke shouldn't look thick and smokey. It should be very light and airy. when you exhale it should look like breathing on a cold day when you can see your breath.
  6. i have an easy vape digital and the high is way different and a lot shorter for me anyways i like to set it to 400 and let it warm up for about 4-3 min. then i set it back to 340-360 slow and long hits will help and the type of bud you are using is also a factor ,the dryer the bud the better high grade bud will also help

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