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Can't get any higher? :(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoked All Dat, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Well recently, I've smoked every day since last Friday (Spring vacation woot)! and lately, whenever I would toke the first time of that day, I felt great. A good high rush and just feel great. I'll smoke another J or bowl and get really blazed, then it would wear-off and I would just be slow/tired until I smoked again, but then the high won't come on as strong and is relatively boring. I don't even feel high anymore except I can't really finish a sentence (Im still high, just don't feel it as much) and I know Im blazed, everything looks fantastic and shit. Munchies are strong. I just dont feel GOOD like I usually do. I just feel somewhat normal. I don't know why im feeling this way but its very boring. Whatever I do, it doesn't get fun. Ill smoke more and have a rush for 10-15 mins but after that it's gone and Im just lazy and tired. I've tried switching strains (I had a bag from a different dealer and my friend had his own) So we smoked mine and I felt great for like 30 minutes now. Sadly, all that is gone and all we have left is his shit, which is good, but after the first high, its boring. I know im high but I don't feel as happy or as good as I should. Anyone want to infer why? Sorry for the wall of text :cool:
  2. Take a break, stop smoking for two weeks or so. IF you don't want to, just reduce the amount of times you smoke. Smoking everyday will increase tolerance.
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    try stronger weed. thatll probobly solve the problem
  4. for one your tolerance is going up. thats a given tho. however a week isn't long enough or a real difference in tolerance.

    you may be underappreciating your high. because you were really high right after you smoked, 30 minutes later when your not as high you seem sober in comparison.

    and just try not to think about how long your gonna be high for or how high you are or are going to be. a good chunk of tolerance is mental.

    try exercising mid day. the endorphins will make it so the next time you smoke it'll be like the first time of the day.

    you could also try eating some mango about 30-45 minutes before smoking. the terpene myrcene present in the mango will allow more thc to cross the blood brain barrier, and thus get you higher.

    If nothing here works then take a break. it'll do wonders
  5. Possibly the single greatest piece of advice you could give a Mexican stoner. Whitewashed as I may be, thank you so much.
  6. First off all, thanks for replying. Second, ITS SPRING BREAK MANNN! =D. I only smoke on weekends so after Spring Break ill be back to my old routine. I dont smoke for 5 days then I smoke for 2 days. Weekends.

    Not available to me at the time lol.

    Thank you, and I will have to try the mango. I tried it before and noticed a difference, dunno if I feel like going out to get a mango though. I will try the exercising and also not thinking about how high I am lol. Thank all of you for your responses.
  7. yeah Tbreak or some better buds..
  8. Take a tolerance break and try to upgrade to some dank, sounds like schwag/mids to me. While my tolerance to most drugs is exceptionally low, even after a year of smoking dank daily, I still get high for several hours at a time, and it never gets boring, so the quality of your bud is probably at fault here, and you should take a tolerance break for 3-6 weeks either way.
  9. you should probably start smoking meth.
  10. Forget tolerance.

    You just need to realize marijuana isnt supposed to fuck your world up.

    Its ment to enhance it. If you use it to enhance the time your having youll get fried.

    If your trying to use it to get fucked up. Its not going to work.
    Every strain of marijuana can only get you to a certain peak after you reach that peak its harder to hit that peak again for the day.

    I smoke everyday all day. And by the end of the day. I still get freaking baked.

    your just looking to experance the same peak high feeling as before. Its not going to work. Dont chase the dragon, Youll end up being chased by him.

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