can't get a girlfriend

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  1. The town I moved to about 3 months ago sucks dick. It's in Oklahoma. The girls on the dating sites are mostly fat and ugly. I finally just got my own vehicle though so I can start going out and hopefully meet a girl. I try to avoid the bars though bcuz ill end up getting hammered and making an idiot out of myself. Any advice on how I could get a gf guys? I'm sort of antisocial and shy. Should I get involved in a church?

  2. Find something your interested in, be it a sport, volunteer activity, hobby or whatever else and involve yourself in the community through it. It's a great way to meet people. That and go to parties/bars and start the train of meeting the friends of friends, then the friends of friends of friends until you find someone. It's all about making connections, the more you make the more you will continue to make. Just be yourself, what do you have to lose?

    Good luck mate.

    Peace and pot
  3. Lol the church girls in OK might be a little coocoo.

    Most of the people in OK I've known seem pretty errrr...what's the word...stupid.

    Maybe you can impress them with your superior intellect. Or maybe they'll find that to be a turn off...idk.
  4. >antisocial and shy
    >what can i do to get a gf?
  5. Why would you want a preppy church girl as a girlfriend? Especially in OK.

    Don't sweat it man you just gotta go out and do things you like to do and eventually you'll meet a chick doing those same things and then just hit it off.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Getting involved in some sports sounds like a good idea. The problem is I work 50 hours a week doing construction so usually I'm pretty wiped out. I need to make a rule for myself. I should start making myself strike up a conversation with every girl I come in contact with even if she isn't that attractive.
  7. you wont meet a good girl if u just go out looking to find one. just go with the flow, shit will work out man.
  8. Good luch to you!when you do something you like,maybe you will find the girl have the same hobby with you.:)
  9. I agree. Nice link blaze. I'm going to fucking study up on flirting techniques and stuff. I'm a good looking guy it'd just I go blank when I talk to girls and feel like a total moron. Been out of practice for quite sometime.

  10. It's not about studying up, or being out of practice, its about confidence. The reason why you go blank is because you are worried about what she will think of what you are saying, and worry way too much about the conversation, instead of just having fun and being yourself. Trust me, girls find confidence more attractive then anything else.

    Good luck :)
  11. how could you expect lonely girls on an internet dating site to be attractive? women are choosers. they get what they want because it's always available

    you're not finding intimate relationships with women because you aren't making any effort to expand your social horizons
  12. ive never gotten more than a 1 night hookup from a bar

    i dont really know where high caliber women hang out in my town (or any town)

    ive been thinking about trying to get numbers in trader joes or something like that, find a girl that also cooks healthy lol

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