Can't germinate.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OhhhZeee, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I've tried the paper towel method in a zip loc bag and the seeds never germinated. Any suggestions on any other methods or maybe i did something wrong?
  2. Drop the bean in a shot glass with some water overnight. That will hydrate the seed. Should crack after 12 hours if they don't try paper towel again
  3. I dump mine in a shot glass with water. After a few hours poke then down to try to submerge them. Leave it for 24 hours after that no matter what I take a paper towel or napkin inside a plastic container and and pour the contents on it. Fold it seal the container leave it in the dark in a cubbard and about 95% of the time 2-3 days later ready to plant.

    Some seeds just are viable..bound to happen. If your using bag seed more of a chance of it not being viable then viable.
  4. Paper towel has always worked for me, I put two plates over each other with wet paper towels in between soaking the seeds, the humidity and heat above my refrigerator makes em pop within 24-48 hours, almost every time.

    Some seeds just don't pop. Like what rhapsody' said....can be hit or miss, just germed five autoflower seeds, one didn't happens to everyone man.
  5. I have had good results with a 50/50 blend of sphagnum peat and vermiculite. 24 hour pre-soak, then drop it in the hole and water in.... Came back a few days later and there they where...
  6. try putting them in a pill bottle wrapped in a damp paper towel.
  7. Did you purchase these seeds or are they some bagseeds?
  8. oasis cubes, peat pellets...always work for me.

  9. Just bagseeds, man. Not a big time grower. Just trying to grow a single plant first just to experiment and learn some stuff before i order seeds. Neighbor said he's about to get some hydro seeds from this guy so im gonna try it again.
  10. Peat pellets work great for me.
  11. Wtf are hydro seeds?
  12. If they are bagseeds they just might be too old.
  13. A seed is a seed is a seed :cool: My method (like some others here) is to just fold them into a damp paper towel, put them on a plate and then cover with another plate. Then put them in a dark cabinet or drawer and in 24-48 hours you should see the seed popping open. :smoke:

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