Can't Germ for Shit!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OleDrippy, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Is it me or is germinating the hardest part of this entire process. Making this tiny little thing get just enough water and warmth to bust through and grow like mad. I've gone through 2 viable seeds now and just don't know why I keep fucking up.

    I have 2 about to go into flowering that I germed from bagseed. I also have another Big Bud that is sprouted and just starting to veg.

    I am inquiring because I think I just fucked up again because I didn't realize how hot my modem gets and by the time I got back home the seed looked really plump. I am scared I accidentally cooked it but it could just be all water absorption. The paper towel wasn't really hot, just slightly warm, when I opened it up. It hasn't broken the case yet which is why I'm worried.

    This is my method:
    Soak in clean water overnight in a covered shotglass on top of modem to keep the water fairly warm.
    Then transfer to paper towel method

    I am putting the one I think I fried back underwater until the taproot emerges.

  2. There's a how-to in your PM's. Good luck.
  3. I dont use the glass of water first trick. all I do, is take a small, tin, seal able container, ONE sheet of paper towel with 4-6 sprays from a spritzing bottle, place your seeds folded up in the moist paper towel, seal it up, and put it underneath a table lamp (or other warm source). if you can shine the light on the container so it stays a steady 80ish (infrared thermometer from radioshack helps), those things will be busting in two days. works for me anyways.
  4. I used the covered shot glass method the whole way through. I didn't transfer mine to paper towels and it worked like a charm took about a day and half for both to germ. One of them sprouted 2 days after I planted it, and the other one hasn't yet.
  5. I made this same post in what is now my grow journal. Be patient I bet that sucker will crack.

    BTW, I did the first seed in water then paper towel method and it took about 3 or so days. MY second seed I did straight paper towel and put it in my grow box with the lights on to keep it warm and that took only 1 and a half days.
  6. Meh, germination is the one thing I get right, its afterwords where I have issues! I started off damp paper towel, but have since moved to putting seed in water until it sinks then into soil. 100% rate this far.

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