Cant gain weight, creatine?

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  1. Ive been trying to gain weight for 2 weeks. Ate a buttload of protein and eggs and milk, yogurt, and nuts. In the end I lost one pound.:( I dont get it! I worked out (mostly upper body, low reps heavy weights)

    Im seeing muscle build a little bit, but my weight is the same! I dont get it! In the past ive tried protein shakes but they did nothing and just tasted like shit.

    I have friends who take creatine pills and I want to try some. are they really bad for you? Or should I juts keep trying the way im going now? Also, If I stopped smoking weed everyday would it make me gain weight? Do I have a disease or something?

    FYI, 19 years old, 5 '10, 135 - 140 lbs
  2. 1. Its only been 2 weeks
    2. Have you increased your caloric intake to account for weight lifting
    3. Have you read the fuckin sticky?
  3. Are you keeping your reps low at the gym? Any running, basketball, etc?

    Creatine can help put on some weight (mostly due to water) but also helps maintain power during a set to increase training volume.
    Just keep tryin to up your cals, maybe eat a dbl cheeseburger for lunch or somn.
  4. too long didnt read
  5. sounds like you need some patience.
  6. Yo man, I was in the same boat as you, 135 pound skinny mother fucker couldn't gain weight but had no trouble adding on muscle. What I ended up doing is eat till I throw up and then eat some more. Now here I am (granted a few months later) 155 pounds.

    You just aren't eating enough, I guarentee you!

    Edit: And creatine isn't bad for you, your body naturally creates it but when you take creatine it just speeds up the process. There are millions of articles on creatine on the net so I suggest you google: "should i take creatine"
  7. 2 weeks?

    You need PATIENCE & FOOD.

    Creatine will do absolutely nothing for weight gain. You might get bloated from extra water storage which will give you 1-3 pounds of lie.

    Take your bodyweight (135) and multiply by it 20. That is 2700. You need to be eating 2700 calories per day. Count your meal calories today or tommorrow and see where you are really at in terms of diet. Do not expect any significant change for a few months. You might get small bits within a few weeks but it wont count till it adds up months later.
  8. Read the ingredents of the food your eating. Does it sound like a science text book? That would be why. Your flooding your body with nutes in quantities it's never had to handle before so your liver and kidneys are working overtime to restore your balance, when they do it's like nute lock-out.
    If you have a good cardio and weight routine then you have the right idea to up your protien and carb intake.
    Focus on fresh breads, fresh meats, eggs, raw milk (if you can get it) fruits like blueberries and bannanas.
    The less preservitives the better.
    Spinach quich with feta cheese, garbonzo beans and asparagus is packed with the protien you need, as well as the vitimins and minerals yiur body needs to absorb said protiens.
    When you start using supliments you can throw off the balance of protiens, carbs and vitimins your body needs.
    We have evolved with natural foods for centuries, we've forced supliments into our bodies and all we see is a few years of growth followed by years of shitty side effects.

    Best of luck man!

  9. Jesus christ eat some goddamn food before you worry about supplements. Take whatever you're eating now, double it, and when you feel like opening your mouth to complain shove some more food down your throat instead. Creatine isn't bad for you, but it won't do shit if you're not eating enough.

    And read the sticky.
  10. Here is a handy calorie counter. Look how much food it takes to gain weight....weight training is between "Heavy" and "Exceptional" activity....
    ACS :: Calorie Counter

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