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Cant find my Hash mixed with tobacco

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frollyven, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. so yesterday i rolled two hash joints with tobaco for me and a friend for today to smoke (but something happened and we didnt see each other)
    Anyway so i mixed some more hash with tobacco just to have more just in case and i put it in aluminium foil (it was thin) and i hid it in my wallet
    Im now looking in my wallet and i cant find the aluminium foil that has the hash and tobacco and im so afraid that my parents might find it im hoping it fell when i went out today with another friend but what if it fell in my house?? Idk what to do.... please help:/

    (Im 18 btw but still live with my parents)

    Thinking of telling my mom tmw that someone gave me an aluminium foil in the street and i took it just to let him leave and i wanted to throw it but i forgot about it and idk where i put it And make it as a joke so incase they find it she thinks that thats what happened...
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  2. Wow...
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  3. ...
  4. You friend finessed you.
  5. Don't insult your parents by telling them such an obvious lie. Make up something believable or just don't say anything.
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