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  1. Hi everyone.
    well i just planted some seeds a couple weeks ago and got 2 pretty good sprouts out of it, but they died as to what i could figure was either to much or 2 less ph since they where all yellow and burned looking (im using Fluro's so its not heat)
    I wanted to ask ya'll what kind of equips u use.. like soil, best kind of purified water and ferts. Also i cant find a Ph tester for the life of me. if anyone knows any none internet stores to get one please let me know:smoke: This is my set up at the moment
    2 30watt Cfl small oscalat fan and some cheep potting soil...... so not a big set up at the moment also im getting 2 more Cfl in the next couple days.
    thanks in advanced guys
  2. oops haha forgot to mention i was watering with tap water, then switched to arrowhead water
    and i wanted to asked about any idea's to contain light in a closet.... i was thinking of rigging up a pvc pipe tent kinda thing and set up lights and fans in there. any ideas or comments on my newbehness is much appretiated
  3. Arrowhead water is tap water. My tap water has less TDS in it then Arrowhead. They take normal tap water, run it through a charcole filter and call it Arrow head water. It is the worst of all bottled water I have tested. I get 250 PPM from Arrowhead water. Buy distilled water until you can get a reverse osmosis system off Ebay for a $100. You will pay for it with the drinking water savings the first year.

    Go to walmart/homedepot/lowes/garden store and buy a jiffy plug tray. Follow the instruction on the tray lid. When you see roots coming out of the jiffy plug, transplant into your potting soil.

    Save your money on the PH meter for now. If you ever need one, buy it on ebay or an online pet store.
  4. yea i figured arrowhead was pretty crappy, teh plants turned into shit soon as i switched water lol
    oh and thanks for reminding me about the R/O water, i dont need to get a system to make it i can get it 25cents a gallon here so thats not too bad

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